We Just Didn't Know

Can you see the fireplace in this picture below? The opening is covered with a large piece of cardboard. Two reasons. One: to cut down on the draft. Two: to keep out the smell.
While we were at the fireplace store yesterday, a man suggested that we throw some baking soda up in the chimney to try to help with the smell. Great idea! Remember from a previous post how my son in law removed a squirrel?

This morning after Steve got back from Home Depot I suggested maybe throwing up some of that baking soda. I asked if he would do it. You see, it is warmer outside (maybe even 50!!!! who hoo). Unfortunately that causes the smell in our fireplace to get stronger and emanate throughout our lovely abode.

Steve always does a thorough job. He suggested maybe vacuuming out what we could reach with the shop vac. Well, Ok, I said . . . but won't that make things stink even worse. He simply said sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. Got it.

Next he asks me for a mirror. Really? Ok. He then tells me he can still see fur. At this point I have exited the living room. I have run around the house shutting all the doors in hopes that the smell would not fill up the entire house. Steve continues to vacuum. Well, he says, I got another squirrel. I said, YUCK! He keeps vacuuming. He says again. I see fur. I am totally not in the room and am in the kitchen trying to make a cake. My thought was that as soon as he gets this done maybe a freshly baked cake will help with the smell. Steve says again, I got another squirrel. Oh bother!

Well, he finished up and I cleaned up. I put his jacket in the wash machine. I put the cake in the oven. We lit a candle (with a blow torch. . . I've got to put matches on my Target list!). And, I am happy to report that the smell is better.

Dear squirrels,
We had no idea that our chimney would turn into a graveyard for you. Last week we put up a cap to keep any more of you from falling in. Since we bought the house last October, there has been snow on the roof. We couldn't get up there to see what was going on. Again, we are so sorry.

The end.


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