Ellie and I are enjoying a quiet, rainy Saturday morning.  Daddy is off at the annual volunteer firefighter's auction.  It is a big thing around here.  Very fun!  If it were sunny, Ellie and I would be with him as well.  However, we are not.  We are here...practicing sitting up and drinking coffee.  (the former being accomplished by Ellie, and the latter, by your's truly)

We are so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma Franks as well as Auntie Ashley tomorrow! Yeah!!  Auntie Rachel, we are going to miss you.  We wish you were coming too!

It has only been a month and a bit since we saw them last, but Ellie has already changed so much!  Amazing how that happens.  {grin}

skype chatting with the family

This is how we usually "talk" to my family in San Diego.  Such a wonderful way to keep in touch!  But, nothing like the real thing.  Which is why we are HAPPY today.  HAPPY to get a chance to love on some of our favorite people.  HAPPY to share a bit of Ellie before she grows up any more.  HAPPY to celebrate a belated birthday with my twin. (this was the first birthday, ever, that we were apart...so sad)  HAPPY to be alive and breathing this morning.  HAPPY to write some thank-you notes to sweet friends and family.  HAPPY to be a daughter of the King Most High.  HAPPY at the thought of spending an eternity praising and worshipping before His throne.

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!  (obviously, the aforementioned coffee is working well.  {grin}  For those of you who haven't yet had yours, go, grab a mug of the delightful stuff.  I will wait right here; I don't mind....so you've returned...now, isn't that good...mmmmm....your day is so much brighter now, isn't it?!! )

Well, my baby girl is now fast asleep in her bed.  I love watching her sleep. Yes, sometimes I am a bit envious of her nice long naps. I, however, am off to switch the laundry, and finish a few more household chores before she awakens.  Wish me well.

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