The Day God Made

It is a gorgeous, sunny day already here in Kalispell, Montana. Steve is already at Home Depot and Ashley is back in San Diego. That makes a very quiet house this morning. To be honest, I enjoy that occasionally.

I thought I would share these pictures so Rachel can see how some of the things I purchased in San Diego are looking here in the Montana house.

I'm not feeling all that spry this fine morning but I am thankful that it is certainly the day that God made. And so, I will be glad!

Happy Tuesday to you all.



KC said...

nice cheery pictures, Mama! Ellie and I look forward to seeing you later today! :)

p.s. the sun is bright with not a cloud in sight here in Columbia Falls too...{grin}

San Diego Dawn said...

Hi there my friend! I'm so excited that you all created this blog so I can keep up a little with the happenings so far away! Love the lights over the kitchen sink...and all the items you've shown...making the place yours. Miss you!
Love Dawn