We are here

We just got internet today even though we have been here since Sunday afternoon. We had a mostly uneventful 2 days of driving.

Saturday evening as we were driving out of the state of Utah into the state of Idaho it started snowing. It wasn't the "oh isn't this lovely" sort of snow. No, this was as though we were inside a snow globe and someone was violently shaking it. Yes, it was wild. We couldn't see the lines on the road . . . not because the snow was covering it up but because we couldn't see through the snow. We had to drive this way for nearly 20 minutes. Then we pulled off at a rest stop. There was snow literally stuck and piled to the front of suburban. We had to scrape it off. In fact, the officer the next day wanted to know why he couldn't see our front license plate. Really, that is the only reason we got pulled over . . . Steve always drives the speed limit . . . he's good that way.

I am so enjoying being here and seeing Kacey, Jay, and little Miss Ellie.

Look what else we are seeing:

Everyone remembers that it is April 5th, right? We took this while we were eating dinner tonight (yummy pizza, Rachel!). Can you see the big flakes?

Something else is quite different here than in San Diego. The day before we left, I filled up our tank. It stopped filling at $100.00 and I had pumped a mere 23 gallons. You all can do the math. It isn't very pretty. Well, at our first stop to fill up the tank again, the price was down by 40 cents. Our second stop, the price was down by 60 cents. Well, I am not sure what it is exactly in Kalispell but anything less than $4 a gallon is definitely something to cheer about!

I am very much looking forward to what tomorrow brings.


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Anonymous said...

You made it! Now I can call off the search Pomeranians...