Steve and I celebrated our 24th anniversary last month.  Rachel gave us a gift certificate for a restaurant here in Kalispell.  Steve and I walked to North Bay Grille today to enjoy our anniversary lunch. 

 Steve enjoyed a Calzone

I enjoyed a fish sandwich.

It was a nice walk (we had a few raindrops hit us and it was windy) and we had a very pleasant lunch together.  Thank you, Rachel for giving us such a thoughtful gift.

Oh, and they gave us a complimentary dessert.  I couldn't eat any more (I had to bring half my sandwich home) and so Steve got to choose.  His choices:

Cheesecake with fruit topping
Creme Brulee
Goat cheese stuffed raviolis with chocolate sauce and Strawberries
Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream

Which did he choose?

On our walk home, we got a call from the building department saying our plans were approved and we could stop by to pick up our garage permit.  We walked there and got our permit.  Steve really has his work cut out for him now! 

Cast your vote on Steve's choice of dessert in the comments if you would like.  I will reveal his choice tomorrow.



Rachel said...

My guess is the bizarre raviolis and that you ate the strawberries :)

Ashley said...

yeah...i'd have to go with the ravioli too...dad doesn't like ordinary! :)

Lisa said...

I vote for the Tiramisu!

Lauren said...

I think the goat cheese ravioli since Dad always wants to try something new and weird-sounding!!!

KC said...

it wouldn't be fair for me to guess since I already know the answer. :) Glad you had a nice time together!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated! I really like the picture of the two of you. I must say that Steve is a brave man to try those bizarre raviolis....adventuresome at heart! Miss you!