Compare and contrast

The day that Mother and Father enjoyed such supreme sunny weather in San Diego, their daughters were dealing with wet snow showers.   The difference from dry snow showers is that the temperature is just a little too warm, and the falling snowflakes clump together, and stick to whatever they land on.  The result is beautiful trees and icy sidewalks.

 (my room)

Jay and Kacey were over to play games, and Ellie was hanging out when I went upstairs to grab something.   I was amazed by how pretty the trees were all around our upstairs, and I called for them all to come up and see.  I had to get the tripod out for the camera to capture these as it was dusk and the light was fading fast.

(Ashley's room)

Nature-made beautiful frosted trees . . . so amazing.   It certainly didn't last very long.

(a close up of the sticky snow)

(Twinkie in the midst of winter's splendor)

Today, we went to church at eight for worship practice after staying up last night with Jay and Kacey and a sleeping Ellie until 10:30.  We got half a game of dominoes in (Mexican train style #s 11, 9, 8, 5, and 4) before we were all too tired to carry on any more.   Usually my alarm startles me out of a deep sleep on Sunday mornings, but for whatever reason, I was awake at 5 and enjoyed my bed until 6, at which point I finally got up and went downstairs to start the fire.  

After church, we went to Kacey's sisters-in-law's birthday party (that is two of Jay's sisters who happen to have been born on the same day nine years apart!)  We had a fantastic time hanging out with Jay's side of the family and guess what Mom?  I got to learn how to throw a hatchet for target practice!  Got to love Montana parties :)   My claim to fame is hitting and sticking it three times in a row.   Too much fun!

And now the rest of the day is relaxing, reading, and blogging for all you interested in the crazy life of one San Diego family transplanted in Montana.  I hope you all had a blessed and restful Sunday.  


A San Diego Update

It continues to be quite lovely here in San Diego.

Thursday I had my dentist appointment.
It involved a root canal.
that wasn't planned!
I go for another visit on Monday.

Now, onto other topics.

Ashley, your room says hello!

Rachel, your room says hello as well!

When we arrived in San Diego, the yard was 

I was able to spend a lovely afternoon working in the yard.
It felt wonderful.
Soaking up the vitamin D and sweating.

Then the yard looked like this!

Girls, can't you just feel the warmth in this picture!

I'll be updating again soon.  I think Steve and I will BBQ either for lunch or dinner tonight!


And she is off . . .

we said our goodbye to Lauren, our oldest daughter,
as she heads to Australia to begin med school.

How much would you take with you?
Lauren went with this amount.

We had our last meal together for a while at Rubios, one of Lauren's San Diego favorites.

Lauren should arrive in Sydney later tonight. 

We look forward to hearing from her and hoping that her bags arrive as well!

And to our other three daughters,

the sky is blue
the sun is shining
we miss you!

mom and dad



Those of you who happen to check up on Montana weather probably already know that we got snow last week.   Not just a little overnight dusting that melts away in the morning sun; but a serious, three-day, constant swirling of snowflakes kind of storm.  The result was that the Jetta was almost impossible to drive, we got to see snowplows in action, and I got snow down my pants while making a snow angel :)

This picture is from the day after, when the furious flurries finished.

Pallets piled under snow

BBQ, anyone?

Snow caps

A weird-looking tree phenomenon

Hi Hollister!  Are you enjoying the snow?  Are you trying to drink frozen water?  In below freezing temperatures, I change their waters twice a day.  During this storm, I almost had to change them in the middle of the day too.  It was actually miserably cold.  I fully comprehend that phrase now.  

Cold enough to make ice on the inside of our windows!  And here is my favorite picture . . . 

The wintery view out my window.   Frost in between the panes of my storm windows.  Nature's patterns are so amazingly intricate, delicate, and beautiful.

Okay, I know that is a whole load of pictures to just dump on here, but I was feeling behind in getting these out.  Oh wait I forgot one.  This one is of the roads up here in winter conditions.   Isn't our little main street cute?  Notice also the snow berms in the middle of the street.  It is like having a concrete median down the highway.   Come to think of it, I don't think that there are any concrete medians in the whole of Flathead County.   You would have to travel several hours south to Interstate 90 to find some of those.

Those snow piles have gotten significantly higher in the past few days.  But for us, different is fun!


Sunday Afternoons

A typical Sunday afternoon for us definitely focuses on family.  After spending the whole morning ministering at church, it is always good to relax.  Usually we enjoy a lunch out, have a very casual dinner in (if people haven't completely stuffed themselves at lunch), and play lots of card games.

Ellie hangs out with us, takes a nap, or acts like a teenager.

She's already got it down.  Kick back and play with the phone :)

Sometimes we blog on Sundays . . . sometimes we visit the ER, as Kacey did this morning.  Just keep her and Hudson in prayer as she is required to take it easy these next few days at home.

Hope all you readers are able to have a blessed and restful Sunday.


Flying Home

[It was a short visit in San Diego.
Yesterday we flew home.]

[this is what Ellie did most of the flight]

[the happy traveling trio+]

We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise in San Diego
And went to sleep in frigid Montana...

[when I say frigid - think 10 degrees]

Thanks to all who prayed for safe travels.


Getting what I asked for . . .

Looked out the windows and saw this . . . 

A real snowstorm!

The day started cloudy, turned sunny, then grew ominously dark.  First came rain, then the temperature dropped dramatically, the wind picked up, and rain turned to snowflakes flying all over!  I was safely ensconced inside watching through the door right next to where I was . . .


Didn't take long to get about an inch of snow on the ground.  Unfortunately, having rain first caused an ice base upon which the snow stuck.  Even the broom is ineffective at clearing the sidewalks at that point. But I gave it my best effort.  Hip hip hooray for snow!


While in San Diego

How can it be?

It is our last day in San Diego and there have been no posts?

Well, you see, there has been A LOT of sickness!  Unfortunate but true.

There also was no camera cord.  Hmmmm, who brought the camera without the cord?????

But, Ashley saved the day this morning.

She had a brilliant thought.  Why not put the camera disc thing into her computer.  Just brilliant.  Now, I have just a few pictures to show you.

First we will share a photo that was taken before our departure.

These bald eagles were spotted by Kacey in the field by her home.  Simply amazing!

Ellie awoke Friday morning sporting her new Christmas gift PJ's from Auntie Rachel.

Saturday we attended the lovely wedding of Carly Batten who is now Mrs. Carly Wright.  This was the reason for our visit.  Carly is a dear friend and she was in Kacey's wedding!

Ellie stayed home from church on Sunday with a terrible cough, sneezing, and runny nose.  Very nasty.

Yesterday Kacey had an orthodontist appointment and then I had a dentist appointment.  A crown of mine had cracked and needed to be replaced.  It was a long visit!!!!!!  BUT, after the dentist we were able to shop.  That is a cure all, right?????

Ellie got these most lovely slippers yesterday that she was able to wear this morning.

Today there is another orthodontist appointment.  Ashley has a friend visiting from Sacramento.  There is lunch at Islands and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with shopping in between and a visit with Grandma Blackner!!!!!

Tomorrow begins early and we will depart San Diego around 6 in the morning.

Every day while we were here the temperatures exceeded 70 degrees.  Ahhhh, we are all warmed up and filled with vitamin D.  

It has been a quick trip but worth it!

Bye for now!
Jodi reporting from San Diego


Home Alone in Montana

I don't know; should I put sensitive information like that right in a title? . . . maybe it would be better published in Wikileaks.   But whoever reads be warned, I know Kung Fu.   *hiyah!*

Okay, honestly, I am fine.   So what does a girl do with all her time alone?

Investigate rusty bolts on old train bridges!
or. . .

Go for a pretty stroll.   

Now notice there is no snow on the ground.   Everyone up here is dumbfounded at the unusual lack of fluffy white stuff.  

I was hoping for a blizzard.   

Anyway, moving on,

How about lay down on some cushy rocks and take a picture of your dirty black shoes?

If one were in a serious mood, they could remark on the beauty of God's creation in Montana.  

But I am here to bring some smiles, not cause reflective glazed eyes; so I'll remark on how I was inspired by the ice above to find a purpose for ice.   

It was a true lightbulb moment; note the devilish grin above.

So my next jaunt down the road brought me here.

Water park in the summer, ice rink in the winter.  Ahhh, the true purpose of ice.

Detour ahead:  I just like taking pictures of myself to prove I was actually there.  Wow, I really have an overbite, don't I? And that nose . . . I look like Rudolph; only I can't fly. 

But I can glide . . . across ice that is :)

No, I did not resort to sitting on the ice.  I sat on the bank.

And if you are a midget you could skate under the foot bridge in our quaint Montana park.

But you know what, I really like it here.  And the house hasn't been creaking at night.  So I'm good.

See you all when you get back; don't have too much fun down there in SD.


P.S.  I would like to state here that I have completed the first post of the year.  Thank you.