To Reminisce!

I am currently in San Diego.  The last few visits here have had me cleaning out years' worth of drawer contents.  Yesterday I found a journal of mine.  I thought I would share a tiny glimpse into the year 1995.  June 12th to be exact.

"Children are truly precious.  Yesterday, Rachel emerged from the playroom with several holes cut in her dress.  She got spanked and then she turns and yells at me, 'I'm not even sorry I did that,' runs to her room and shuts the door.

I quickly called her out of her room to address the behavior problem along with Steve.  Steve says to her, 'Would a spanking from me make you sorry?'  She shakes her head no.  Steve asks, 'What will make you sorry?'  Rachel's response blew me away.  

She says in teary eyes and totally serious, 'A hug.'

A hug was granted and she was truly sorry she had let us down!  

She wanted to be loved!  I do love her and value the time I have with her."

That just made a few tears leak out and put a lovely smile on my face.  I did so much love being the momma to 4 little girls -- with all my heart I did.  I still love being their momma.  It looks different now.  No more spankings, of course! 

I have been truly blessed from God above.  

The picture at the top of the post is me.  Not quite two.   It was taken at my Grandma and Grandpa Stinchcomb's house in East Canton, OH.  I loved them very much and I am so glad to have this picture to document that.  

Life is so very interesting.
Me at my grandma's and loving it.
Me having four girls and loving it.
Me being a grandma and loving it.


Twenty Four

What does a mama say when her youngest turns 24?

This mama is stumped.

My little eskimo baby!

"I love you" seems like an oft repeated phrase even though my heart swells and is full of love for her.

Loved having a little one with the same hair color as me!

"You make me happy when skies are gray"  Isn't that a bit too young for the lovely lady albeit the sentiment is so very true.

I see you Barney!

"The apple of my eye"  That she is and also so true but the phrase doesn't quite complete the picture in my mind.

"Cream of the crop"  Sorry, but she just doesn't remind me of corn or potatoes.  Nor does a cow come to mind (cream) when I think of her!

Great documentation of the 90's style!

"Delicate as a rose"  Ha Ha Ha Ha.  Not quite my birthday girl!

Where is Rachel?  See my tummy!!!!

How about



There, that works.
The happiest of birthdays to you, dear Rachel.

(p.s.)  we have been experiencing some difficulties with the blog lately.  I have my assistant (Ashley) working on it!


Father's Day then and now!

Steve has been a daddy to:


He is chatting with Kacey here.
(I treasure this picture)


They were all together yesterday.  
Something that has not happened in many years. 

It was a good Father's Day!

I found this picture of my dad and mom on this past trip to Ohio.

It is not the greatest quality but it spoke to me.
I loved my dad.


Grandchildren download!

It has been a while since I have posted pictures of the cutest things roaming the earth!

Here you go, friends.  Enjoy!

First up is Miss Ellie.

The glasses belong to this one!

Then comes the second born grandchild, Hudson!

And then there is Theodore -- SQUEEZE!

Then there are these three

Fun and beautiful all wrapped up in these ones.


The Twenty Seventh!

Two days before the twins' birthday,

my guy and I celebrated 27 years of marriage.

It didn't take us long to get the hang of this marriage thing back then.

And. . . we are still getting the hang of it!


Twenty-Five years with twins!

My computer was broken.

Then I was in an area without internet for two weeks.

Then I got a staph infection.

Then I got a bad cold.

Then I fell down some steps.  (I wasn't pushed!)


Before all of those things,

Ashley and Kacey bravely turned 25!

They did it without much fanfare.

They did it with a lovely lunch at a local tea house.

And when the day was almost done
 they did it with some coffee.
Their favorite way.

You two.
A dream come true.

Beautiful girls.
My precious pearls.

Your mamma I shall always be.
Heart full of love.
That is me.



I just recently returned from a trip to Ohio.

A trip to the state where I began.

Thankfully, I was able to spend time with both of my brothers.

It is always good to catch up and see each other.

There are a lot of miles that separate us.

But siblings we will always be.



These fine people are now back home in Montana.

But first,
we celebrated a birthday.
Happy 2nd birthday to you, Hudson!

We were found guilty of clowning around.
House rule:
Don't play on the upstairs railing.

There was much snuggling.
Theo really fell asleep this way.

There was none of this...

But we did have our own Southern California storm.

There was a lot of looking in from the back yard.
In fact,
it was quite the fascination with little Miss Ellie!

A tad bit of almost posing.

And some awesome dimple displaying!

And that about sums up the last three weeks!


Theo meets great-great Grandma!

Hello there, Theodore!

Well, hello there to you, great-great Grandma!

What a special treasure.
What a special moment to document.