June 17th

So here we are; a series started one year ago ends tonight with this final set of pictures.  Crazy to think of how much time has passed.

Places didn't really change much.  

Seasons did.

I did.

Creation's beauty didn't.

But the front of the house finally did!

It's hard to see but the wall 90 degrees to the front door on the porch is fully sided! I should include a picture of the side of the house where Dad is making excellent progress on making our house look good again!  

These two weren't really that dark, though I did take them this evening.  I'm blaming posting quality. It's been a long day and maybe I'll tell you about it sometime, but right now I'm wiped and headed to bed. Hope you enjoyed this year of pictures; a glimpse into the seasons of capricious Montana. 


Father's Day 2013

Shall we talk about Steve now?

Shall we talk about what a GREAT dad he is?

He is, you know!

Steve with his 5 girls in 1991.

Those were the days, as they say!

Not only is Steve a GREAT dad but he also is a WONDERFUL grandson to Grandma Blackner!

And he is a SUPER grandpa to Ellie!

These two are trying to find the ballgame score for Grandma Blackner.

And Hudson thinks grandpa is pretty COOL too!

And I think Steve is ecstatic to have a boy around.  He has certainly paid his dues with all us girls, wouldn't you say?

And since you are so 
SUPER, and 
steak is on the menu tomorrow!

Happy Father's Day to a multi-faceted guy who is loved 
by many 
very much.


My Dad

I just recently found this picture of my dad holding me.

This is the only picture that I have of my dad holding me.

Notice that he is not just holding me but he is using two hands and the one hand on my back just hits a tender spot with me.

Dad wasn't touchy or tender.  It wasn't that he didn't care or love, he just didn't express himself through touch.

That is why this picture means so much to me.

(Hi Uncle Mike and my big brother, Jim)

Dad holding Kacey and Ashley.

It has been 5 years of Father's Days that my dad has been gone.

He would have so loved being able to hold his great grandchildren and tease them.

I gave my dad a bad time while living under his roof.  Especially during my high school years.   I didn't let him walk me down the aisle either when I married Steve.  (remember that Steve and I went away on a weekend and got married in Las Vegas.)

Why did I choose to live so selfishly and inconsiderately, I do not know.  

(I think this quote might have something to do with it...


If I knew what I do now??????

I'm so thankful that my dad wanted me.  
That he stay married to my mom.  
That he loved me.


I wish I could tell my dad Happy Father's Day.


Grandpa Stinchcomb

Since Father's Day is just a few days away,
I've been thinking about my dad and my grandpa.
First I wanted to talk about my mom's dad.

This is grandpa holding me when I was 5 months old.

The things I remember most about grandpa are:

He loved to laugh.
He loved to help.
He liked to chew tobacco.
He played a mean hand of pinochle.
He made delicious pancakes.
He drank a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every morning.
He was tall.
He loved to eat peanut butter and horseradish.
He was great at horseshoes.

He left an impression on me as a child.  I grew up on a property that had 8 acres and grandpa was always around to help us with whatever we were doing.  That could have been building barns, clearing brush, roasting hot dogs, chasing cows, or adding on an addition to our house.  He was available.

My grandma didn't like him chewing tobacco.  So, he hid it in our back barn.  Maybe that is why he was at our place as often as he was!

One day will always stand out to me in regards to grandpa.  It was my first day of kindergarten and I needed to get on a big, yellow bus all by myself.  When that bus came down the road and its door opened, guess who was the driver?  Yep, Grandpa Stinchcomb. 

This is my grandpa and grandma with me and my brothers!  Isn't this picture absolutely adorable?  From the glasses frames, to grandma's hair, to the clothes, to the upholstery on the chair.    

We all had our smiles on you will notice.  

That is because we were always happy spending time with grandpa and grandma.  



And that is how I remember my Grandpa Stinchcomb.


A very late Mother's Day Post

I thought I had better document Mother's Day
since it is
Father's Day!

The girls took mighty fine care of me and made sure that I felt loved.
We had a lovely day together!

I love being a mom.
Oh so very much.

I've been blessed!