Easter 2011

We spent Easter Sunday with my in-laws this year.  Here is a picture of the entire group of us right before our pretty lunch.

from left to right:  Anna, Paige and Josh Maltby, Emily, Tracy, Katie, Jay Sr., Hubby, Your's Truly, and Ellie girl

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  A day that matched our hearts' rejoicing in Christ's resurrection. What a happy day it was all around!  I so enjoyed singing the Easter hymns in church that morning...one of my true favorites is "Christ the Lord is Risen Today!" Brings a smile to my face.

P.s. Ellie says "thank-you" to her Grandma Franks for her pretty dress and hairclip!

We also took a few family photos outside since it was such delightful weather.

Again, I have not edited any of these pictures. The color of the sky was just amazing!  To hear the birds singing and to feel the warmth of the sun's rays soaking into my skin was incredibly lovely, relaxing, and peaceful.

Ellie and I sat on a blanket playing with toys and watching the rest of the group play volleyball. We were especially interested in watching Daddy play.  {grin}

Thank you, Jay and Tracy for having us over.  We had a wonderful time with you all.  And thank you, Lord for blessing us with such a BEAUTIFUL day in which to celebrate your amazing sacrifice, glorious resurrection, and the gift of eternal life; which you wish to bestow upon us...if only we believe that you died on the cross for our sins, were buried, and on the third day you rose again from the dead...conquering death once and for all...FOR US!!!  Thank you, Jesus!

I pray that you have accepted His wondrous gift, and are experiencing a life of joy like no other as a result.

Well, I have other bits of news to share, but they will have to wait for another day as I feel I cannot top the excitement and importance of the sentences above.  Happy day to you!


ashley said...

quite cute, sis! Thanks for sharing...watching daddy play volleyball...you're gloating again!!! :)

Rayia said...

What fun pictures!!!