One Spring Day

Ellie and I have been staying in town with my parents this week since Hubby is gone, and staying home alone has never been my favorite activity.

Guess who came by for a visit this afternoon? Chaz and Terrie Yandall!

Chaz Yandall, Dad, Terrie Yandall (back)
Your's Truly, Mom, and Ellie (front) 

we were so surprised to hear they were in town!

Many of you will remember the missions trip that Dad and I took to the Philippines three years ago, well, these are the missionaries that we went to serve alongside. We have known their family for many years, and have formed a sweet friendship.

I so enjoyed that trip to the Philippines. It was such a blessing to be involved in their ministry for 4 short weeks. I wanted to stay. They offered to give me an internship of sorts for a year stint. I brought that letter home with me, and my parents and I prayed much over it. What a hard decision it was, but my parents felt that it might not be the best timing for something of that nature. I shed tears; it meant that much to me. But, there are few people's advice and wisdom that I respect and desire as much as my parent's.

Needless to say, I didn't go. God had a plan. He ALWAYS has a plan. That same year, I met my husband-to-be, Jay. And the rest was history. {grin} We met for the first time in May of 2008; he stayed at my parents house with his Mom and Grandpa for the next month and a half while his dad was in the ICU at our hospital. We talked, but I don't think either of us was especially interested in the other. He left as soon as his dad was stable enough to fly to a hospital closer to home, and six months later called and asked my dad if he could court me. How romantic! We courted long distance for 4 months before he proposed in July. I said yes, and we were happily married November 14, 2009.

I know that most of you know our story, but I wanted to say all that to draw your attention to the providence of God. Working as a missionary in the Philippines was God's work...it didn't make sense to me that it couldn't be the right thing. I know now that it was a good thing, just not the best at that moment. My best thing was coming, and I might very well have missed him. We would never have met. I would never be here in Montana. I most definitely would not have the sweet daughter that I do now.

God's ultimate desire is that we will choose His best for us. Prayer and godly counsel are the two ways that I find myself able to see His best...and sometimes I have to act blindly, not knowing what will come of it, but knowing by the presence of His peace that I am making the right decision.

Okay, I know I just rambled on and on. I do get going sometimes. {grin}

We had a wonderful time of conversation (and coffee!!) together with the Yandalls. How fun to catch up on all that has changed in each other's lives.

I thank God for great friendships like theirs.

I will leave you with a picture of who else but the little missie...

such a little goofy face! 

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