Seven Months

Ellie, baby, today you are seven months old!!  Mommy just cannot believe how big you are getting!

Here are some details about you right now.

  • You have so much fun sitting up and playing with all of your toys.  I love to hear you talk in your own language about everything. 
  • You give Mommy the biggest smile when we say "Amen" after praying and thanking Jesus for your food. 
  • You absolutely adore anything soft and cuddly!  You will bury your little face in it and get so excited it makes Mama laugh. 
  • You love your daddy so much!  You get so happy to see him when he gets home from work, and you reach out both of your arms asking him to hold you.

  • Your hair is turning lighter, and is growing so long on top that Mommy has to keep a little clip, or ponytails in it to keep it from being in your eyes all the time.  The length on top has minimized all of the curls you used to have...so now your hair just has a little body and movement to it.  {grin}
  • You love to eat your oatmeal every morning, and you despise your fruits.  But, you love your sweet potatoes, and squash, and your green beans (sometimes).  Go figure.
  • You have two darling little teeth front and center on the bottom of your mouth, and have two more on the way down there.  Ouch!
  • You still get Mommy up a few times a night.  We are working on that! (with passion and zeal!)

Ellie, you are Mommy's sweetie pie.  You smile all the time, and you give the absolutely sweetest kisses. Thank you.  I adore the way your face lights up when I come to pick you up out of your bed in the morning, or get you out of the car when we are out and about!  You fill my life with sunshine!


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Ashley said...

i like reading all the little things ellie does now...thanks for the details, sis! Someday, she'll love reading this herself! :)