It's Birthday Time!

The ducks are out once again to bring birthday cheer!

Today we celebrate two very special ladies, Ashley and Kacey, as they turn 23!

When your dad and I found out we were pregnant with twins, 
I was thrilled and 
your dad was silent
Seriously you two made him quite nervous as a provider and father.  
He has excelled in both those categories though, 
wouldn't you say, girls?

I found out we were expecting you the week 
we were celebrating Lauren's first birthday.  
Having gone from being employed full time, 
to a mother of one, 
in a small apartment, well, 
I was ready for more to do.  
You two definitely fulfilled that desire.   

Being pregnant with you was easy.  I was only sick a bit in the beginning.   I had no idea though how unique it was to be carrying twins.  My doctor was a bit miffed with me that I wasn't more careful.  They did have to stop contractions a few times prior to your joining us.  

I remember sitting on the couch in the living room (we were living on McClintock Street at the time) and dad was sleeping (he was a dedicated UPS driver then), and when I got up I felt something tear.  I called my doctor to let him know that I thought my water was leaking (I hope that is not too much info. for some folks) and he told me to get right to the hospital.  I told the doctor that we were going to drop Lauren off at Steve's folks but he said a very loud and emphatic NO!  

Steve took us three to the hospital and helped me get checked in and then he left with Lauren.  It was close to 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning.  Things happened really fast and Steve almost missed the delivery.  Ashley you joined us at 3:08 in the morning and Kacey you came just 8 minutes later.  I didn't get to see either of you as you were both whisked off to NICU.  

Returning to my room without my babies was pretty sad.  They kept saying you two would be coming soon but you were not able too.  It ended up that I went home without you both as well.  Boo Hoo!  But, it was a week later and Kacey was able to join us and then Ashley came three days later.  We were one happy family of five. 

 That is really what I honestly remember too! 
 How happy I was.

Today is the same.  I am so happy to be your mom.  I have been blessed so abundantly.  

Happy Birthday, girls!
You are so loved!


It's Been 25 Years

Today, Steve and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage.  

It all began in May of 1986.
Steve and I met water skiing through a church singles' outing.
We didn't go out until August of that year.
Steve asked me to marry him in December -- on my birthday.
(We were in Palm Springs and we took the tram to the top of Mount San Jacinto where he proposed.)

Here we are in December of 1986.

Steve is such a handsome fellow, wouldn't you say?

Our life together really took off.

We got married in Las Vegas.  That was interesting.

We had 4 children in the next 3 years.   That was even more interesting.

Here we are celebrating our 2nd Christmas as a married couple.  Lauren had just turned one and I was 5 months pregnant with the twins.  We are still smiling...that is a good sign!

Here we are in Ohio after having 4 children and being married for 3 years.  You don't see any strain do you?

Those early times of marriage were not easy.  Getting to know each other, having children, struggling with finances, starting new businesses, and moving several times were all part of the first five years of our life as husband and wife.

We didn't do all things well, that is for sure, and we are still learning what it means to love unconditionally.  But, we are still husband and wife.  Still married 25 years later.  That is a long time but not nearly as long as Steve's grandparents who were married for 76 years.  They are such an example to me of commitment.

In 25 years, we have swung together

We have flown together,

We have cruised together

Not really.  This is a ride at Disneyland!

Steve and I are truly a match that God put together.  A girl from Ohio.  A boy from San Diego.  In my dreams, I never would have dreamed so lavishly.  God gave me a man that has provided for our family without waver.  A man who has put up with me (that is huge!).   A man who loves his daughters.  A man who loves Jesus.   A man that is still beside me.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing 25 years of your life with me.  I love you.



Saturday Photo

Ashley posted this picture on her instagram on Saturday.  I thought all you blog followers might enjoy seeing it too!

I actually think Kacey looks a lot like Ashley in this picture.



two babes in the living room

yes, we currently have two little children's beds in our living room
why? you may ask...
the upstairs of our home is currently under construction. although it is becoming quite cozy and much more inviting up there as of late; thanks to a lot of hard work by the men in my life (read namely hubby and dad)  so exciting to know that soon the little missie will have a bedroom to call her own, and we will be able to use our house after the hour of seven again!

this is what my days consist of at the moment...

"ellie, sweet girl, I'm sure your brother will love your bunny someday, but he is still a bit small to enjoy it as much as you do right now. how sweet of you to want to share with him, but let's not throw it on top of him,'kay?"

"ellie, doll, yes, those are your brother's eyes...yes, my dear, he has two just like you...no, darling, let's not poke them: we want him to be able to see when he grows up too"  {grin}


it's me

hello dear friends
happy end of the week to you all...

thought it was about time to give you an update on our little family of four {grin}
I just love saying that

ellie girl says "hi" to you all too! 
my little, silly, ornery girlie...sometimes "wow" is all I can say, just "wow"

really and truly though,
 ellie is adapting to her new role as big sister quite well, actually...
she loves her baby brother and doesn't seem to mind sharing her mommy with him
so far, so good

this next picture is of baby Hudson's first ride in his carseat
coming home from the hospital almost two weeks ago, now...time surely does fly by!

we are all still working on adjusting to the new normal around here
recovery has seemed a bit slow at times, but overall, so much better than my recovery with Ellie.
I have had so much help and support during this time by my dear husband and sweet family...how could I be anything but grateful?

to be quite honest, I find myself teetering between absolute love and embracing this new state of things, to being completely overwhelmed, emotional, and questioning my sanity in deciding to have two munchkins so close together 
{my mama jumped from one to three children when her oldest was just sixteen months old; how she ever did it, and stayed so organized and loving...well, let's just say
she is amazing!  love you, Mom}

I seem to have forgotten how demanding being a mother of a newborn is: and yet, how those little ones do fill a mother's heart to overflowing! 

 the little mr. hudson is happy {well, that could be an exaggeration at times}, healthy, eating constantly, and growing growing growing...he weighed in at 9 lbs. on Tuesdsay afternoon

he has his daddy's big hands, and his daddy's hair, and his daddy's nose...
he is definitely his daddy's son!

well, we have come to the completion of my little update for you all...written between naps, nursing breaks, and ellie's antics  {smile}


Meet Hudson up close

Not the "up close" you were looking for?

How is this for a sweet baby "close up"?

Ellie wanted a "close up" too!

How about a kiss for Hudson from big sister?

A satisfied look of love for her little brother.

and an "up close" of that shirt