Of birthdays and flowers and giggles

Once upon a time this Mama tried to take a sweet picture of her birthday roses and her little girlie...but, alas, said little girlie was not in the mood for posing. Mama likes the picture anyway! {grin}

What fun to have Ellie's half-birthday on my own birthday! I cannot believe my little baby is 6 months old already. How the time has flown by. I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it...I thank God for my little blessing every day.

Today, little Ellie was in a much better mood for picture taking as evidenced by the photos below.

contagious laughter...

smiling at her daddy...

We have had rainy weather for the past week and a half with another 10-day forecast of nothing but more rain. Sometimes discouragement mounts and I sigh and yes, maybe I cry a bit too...but then I pick myself up, and go find some bits of sunshine. These smiles, they are my sunshine. Their rays warm my very heart. Blessed am I.

In opening this blog to write a few sentences, I was again encouraged by the name that we chose along with the verse that accompanies it. STEADFAST..."be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord."

It is my prayer that this blog and the thoughts voiced herein would be an encouragement and a blessing to all who read them. Amidst the joys and storm clouds of every day life, may we encourage each other, my friends, to remain STEADFAST.

Testing my new skills

I thought I had better get some more practice in and see if I still can remember what I learned yesterday. We are having a most beautiful day here in San Diego. It is full of sunshine and warmth. I am soaking it in.

The beach and Rachel

I actually do not take pictures. I do not even own a camera. And so I must rely on my beautiful daughters to supply me with pictures. Don't you think they do a great job? I do.

Now, for another picture. How about 4 generations! Lookie, lookie!

Ellie, Kacey, Me, and Great Grandma Peffer

Happy Thursday to you all. I will keep working at this blogging. I'm thinking this will be a great medium for all of us to stay connected and up to date.



Learning about Picture Posting

This is random. However, you will see that there is a picture under this. Score one for Jodi and thank you to Rachel for such careful instruction!
This loveseat can be found in the kitchen in our Montana house.
So far so good. I will try again!
Doesn't this just make you smile?
Ok, I think I've got it.
Good bye for now,


Birthday Girls!

Happy Birthday, Ashley . . . born 22 years ago at 3:08 a.m. Happy Birthday, Kacey . . . born 22 years ago at 3:16 a.m. It is a joy being your mom and friend. I hope to learn how to post pictures soon. This post would definitely be more fun with pictures! Jodi/mom