Nine months

This is what this darling little chair looked like nine months ago...sitting lonely in my Mama's house just waiting for a little someone.

This is what it looked like today:

It has definitely been harder and harder to get my little missie to sit still and just smile at me.  Guess I am just not that funny. {grin}  She really is a busy little girl now.

 Got to love those little toes...

Well, my little Florence, what are you up to these days?
You have avidly started crawling everywhere!!!  You have been crawling for about two weeks now, and Mama is just trying to keep up.  I have discovered that you love my pantry among other not-meant-for-Ellie things.  You are a master at pulling yourself up on pretty much anything, and have learned the desirable art of falling gracefully.  Mommy is so glad.

You will have your nine month check-up next week, and we are looking forward to seeing just how much you have grown!   You love to chatter on and on, and Mommy especially loves it when you say "Ma-Ma" which you do so often.  Thank you, sweetie.  You also say "Da-Da" quite a bit as well.  You like to go outside and say "hi" to the cows too...you say "Moo-Moo" to them.  {smile}

You so enjoy reading stories and singing songs with Mommy. Today Auntie Ashley and Grandma Franks sang songs with you too!

You have quite the personality, my dear.  Oh my, yes!  You clap your hands in glee whenever you deem the time to be right.

You fill our days with smiles.


Celebrating Daddy {2011} part 2

To my husband,
Twenty-three years ago on this very day, you entered the world: a small not-so-small infant. {smirk}  Before even that moment happened, there was One who knew who and what you would become...He knew the lessons you would need to learn throughout your childhood to prepare you for the one person that you would ultimately spend the rest of your life with. How wonderful is that?!  God planned US!!  Spent twenty years preparing you for me and me for you.  We were so made for each other!  You complete me, make me feel whole, and loved, and cared for...beautiful, special, and perfect.  I am so privileged to be your wife, and to spend every day with you.
You are mine, and I love you.
I especially love the way you love our baby girl.  In many ways, watching you with her has made me fall more in-love with you than ever before. What a great Daddy you are! From the day I met you, I could tell that you would be a wonderful Daddy someday.  Little did I know then that you would be my darling's daddy.  The ways of the Lord are perfect, and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine.
Happy Birthday to YOU, my love!!!

(Ellie girl loves her Daddy too...she loves making funny faces with him, and hearing him show her all of the sounds the animals make!  {smile} )


Celebrating Daddy {2011}

This week we are celebrating Daddy. Today with the celebration of Father's Day, and later this week with the celebration of his birthday!  I grew up with a wonderful Father myself,obtained a great father-in-law through marriage, and now how fun to be able to cheer on my own Husband as an amazing Father too! My little girlie is in serious happy land when her Daddy is around. {grin}
We love you so much, Honey. Happy Father's Day!!

(picture design created by my absolutely beautiful, talented twin, Ashley..you know, the graphic designer in the family...she's a keeper.  {smile}  )


What I found

This afternoon after getting home from church, I put Ellie down in her bed for her nap.  Since the little missie sleeps right in our living room, Hubby and I usually try to create a quiet and peaceful house for her to fall asleep in.  That being said, we headed out to the back porch for a little sunshine and ice cream!  {grin}

After a little while had passed, we came inside to find this...

So cute, right?!!

She was quite happy with herself and her little accomplishment! Funny how one little thing can make her seem so changed...so grown up.  Being a mother and watching a child grow keeps me ever in awe of the rapidity of passing time.  Each and every day is such a priceless gift.  A once in a lifetime chance to instill a love for the Lord and the things of the Lord in the lives of our little ones. We will never get a chance to live today again...to have a do-over of this moment...though we may so long for that opportunity.

I pray this truth is continually brought to the forefront of my mind when I am met with the joys and struggles of daily life.  Lord, give me the grace to live each moment as a shining example of Your love to my children, and may my home be filled with your peace and presence in such a tangible way as to encourage and bless all who might enter.

What a delightful treasure children are! It has been said that it is not until you become a parent yourself that you truly understand all that your parents have done for you...their love and their sacrifice. I couldn't agree more.  And by the way, Mom and Dad, you are AMAZING!!!  I will never be able to thank you enough.

On another note, I wanted to let you all know that Mama was unable to get her internet service started this weekend.  {sad}  So she is still unable to receive any and all e-mails sent her way. {doubly sad} I will happily pass any messages along should anyone have anything they wish to communicate with her.

Until next time....


Guess who is here?!!

Mom and Dad are back in town!!  I so love having them close by, and little Ellie loves her Grandma and Grandpa too!  {grin}

They will not have internet until this weekend for all of you sweet friends who might be trying to contact them via e-mail and such...just thought you should know.

I have been completely under the weather this week with a nasty cold which seems to have migrated to my sinuses...ick!  I lost my voice Sunday night, but got it back by yesterday afternoon thankfully.  For those of you that know me, not being able to talk is close to not being able to breathe for me.  {smile}  Needless to say, it was so nice to be able to call my mother and ask (read beg) her to come over and help me with Ellie.  She did.  So sweet.

I really haven't taken many pictures lately....pulling the camera out feels like so much work when I don't feel well.  I know, I'm just terrible.

But the little missie and I did brave the rain the other day.

And we wore matching shoes too!  {grin}