Just a quick post to let you all know that Hudson is here.

He arrived at 5:20 p.m. today and weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. and is 21 inches long.

Ellie is pretty excited to have a brother, and we are all so excited to see another precious miracle from God.

Welcome to the world, Hudson!

(And if you all would say a prayer for Hudson.  He is being taken to have some chest x-rays and some more lab work.  It is more cautionary at this point with mild concerns.)


No baby yet!

No, Kacey is still with child for all the wondering minds in San Diego and elsewhere.

Yes, we have had snow here in Montana.

Beautiful, puffy, white stuff on our street!

And, yes, we have also had some lovely sunshine!

But, no baby boy yet!

However, Ellie is passing the time making good use of the iPod!

Ellie has also been sporting some fine looking pigtails!

And we have been acting pretty silly too!

We will keep you posted regarding the baby!!!!!



Random Photos

Since we have been back from San Diego, 
the girls have taken quite a few random photos like this one.

Ellie was hanging out with us while her mommy was seeing the doctor.  We asked her to smile for the camera and this is what we got.


Then there is this one.

A quiet Sunday afternoon and the two who were not drinking coffee 
were reading!

This next one was taken while I was gone.

What a cutie.  
Isn't she becoming such a big girl?  I'm sure she is going to be a great sister to Hudson!

for the finale.

Can you guess what is going on here?

Ellie went bowling with her folks, Ashley and Rachel.
Her favorite part....the hand blowers!

Ah, the joy of children.
  Big or small.  
They are a blessing from above.
Thank you God for children to love.

Children can bring such a freshness to the mundane.


All on a Saturday

Today was a good representation of the normal controlled chaos in our lives.  The morning seemed normal, and I rolled over for a few more restful minutes in bed (after all, it is Saturday) before heading downstairs for breakfast.   Bramble was eating breakfast too and he is just so cute when his molars go chomp, chomp, chomp.

Dad decided it was a day for projects, and in relatively few minutes, the kitchen looked like this.

He was working on the plumbing running through the wall back there that connects to the shower upstairs.   I had planned to take a shower after gym class, but was alarmed that maybe I should take one while the getting was still good.  Wait too long, and you never know what could happen around here.  In any case, my hair was still wet when I went to the gym . . . mais c'est la vie!*

In the middle of above project, the stars of this blog, Kacey, Hudson, and Ellie joined us, bringing some Taco Bell lunch with them.  Ellie was very curious about what "Gam-pa" was doing.

Apparently, she gets tired of paparazzi, just like the big stars.

It is now three and the project has been finished with hopefully better draining in the sink, but with considerable mess left behind.  However, "Gam-ma" is taking care of all that so I can share with you all.  What, you think I should go help her?  You're probably right.  Ellie is asleep after much coaxing, KC is relaxing, and Ashley is draped over a chair doing I'm not really sure what.

A bit of spring in our winter.  Well, I'm off.  Have a exhilarating weekend, you all!

*trans: but that's life



The scene that greeted me outside my window upon waking this morning can only be described by one word:  twitterpated.    Has spring really come so early?  The skies and the birds seem to think so.

Birds flocking and flitting and flirting and flying about

The sky was gray but didn't stay that way.  The sun has come out to cheer hearts and minds this Monday.

These two were definitely in bird love.  Hop here, hop there, next to each other, away from each other, fly to this branch, follow her to that branch.

Just a Valentine's Day warmup.

The quintessential robin redbreast.

So puffy because yes, it is still very cold outside.

And this little guy.   The one and only picture I got of him, because he does not stay still for more than a nanosecond.  In your frame, out of it.  By the time you find where he moved to, he is off to a new location.

So yes, the twitterpation was quite the interruption to my morning, but not a completely unpleasant one.  After all, birds promise that spring and warm weather may be soon in coming.  Who wouldn't look forward to that?


The Changes

This post is mostly for the girls in Montana.

They wanted to see some of the things I have been doing.

I have been working on our studio as someone will be moving in tomorrow.
This is the first time in a while since someone has "lived" in the studio.
Usually we have guests or family members who stay for short visits.

I realized since a gentleman was moving in
I should probably take out some of the "FLUFF"
add some neutral components.

Hence, a new clock,
(goodbye to the painted house clock with lovely flowers)

a new lamp,
(goodbye lovely porcelain shaped base with flowery shade)

and a new shower curtain.
(goodbye pastel colored shower curtain with lovely flowers, goats, sheep, and ducks dancing--
it has memories--it is from the first place we lived as husband and wife)

Yes, I kept the picture in there.  It is scripture.  Not just for girls, right?

Now the studio is ready for habitation.
if I might say so myself,
it is rather bland.

Oh, did you notice the flowers on the upholstered chair?
Wasn't quite sure how to get rid of those!!!!!