Catching up

It has been a crazy week for us up here in Montana.  I find my life always gets a little crazier and a lot more fun when my family is in town...especially my twin.  Love you, Ash!

I was just downloading some pictures from my camera that have been taken this week.  Would you like to see what we have been up to?  Well, let's hope you said yes, because what follows is a glimpse of...well....us!  If you answered no to the question above, please DON'T READ ANY FURTHER.  You know you don't want to...really...you had better stop now.  Well, you can't say I didn't warn you.

first of all...someone is growing up! 

getting some love from Auntie Ashley

We had a fun fun week with my twin.  We celebrated our birthday together, albeit a bit late, and went...

...BOWLING!!!  Oh the fun... 

 dear Hubby showing us how it's done

my COOL twin  {grin}

Ellie helped...

We had a blast spending the day together.  I am so glad I have someone to share my birthday with every year.

Here are a few more pictures from this past week:

this one was taken by Ash 

 this one by Mama

I arrived home the other evening to find this delectable item in a box on my porch!  What a treat!!

just look at this! fudge-like cake... 

ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, this was divine!  so rich and perfect with my cup of freshly brewed coffee.  (yes, I just discovered how to use the self-timer on my camera...and obviously, I need more practice.  ha.)

dear cake-giver,

thank you for making my evening.  my husband enjoyed your surprise as well.  it was so very thoughtful of you.

love, me.

Ellie has just recently started to do something very amusing.  She scrunches up her little nose at you.  Copies anyone who does it to her too...pretty cute if I do say so myself.  {grin}

 yes, this mama is aware that her little missie is missing both her hairclip and a sock

"what was that you were saying, auntie ashley?"

Well, you can now consider yourself fully updated on the current events of the young Rickel household.

Jay just left this morning to go to training in Salt Lake City.  {sad}  We are going to miss him. He will not be back until sometime Saturday.  Daddy, if you are reading this, WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!

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Anonymous said...


Ellie is a cutie. I've noticed that her hair is becoming lighter (among other things) as she gets older. There are lots of Ellie shots in this post.

The cake shots showed a natural progression from a whole cake to bite sized pieces. Nice!

The cake giver