The Mansion

December is almost over.

Our days have consisted of much
snow, and 

Lauren came to visit us for Christmas.

We girls went and toured the Conrad Mansion here in Kalispell.  
This home is just 19 years older than our house.  
The Conrads were integral to the growth and development of this fine town we currently call home. (Temporarily for all you San Diego friends -- that is a promise!)

It was snowing during the entire tour which was themed for Christmas.  
It was idyllic to say the least.  

As we were leaving, the turkeys came to say good bye!

I don't think that I have ever experienced that type of farewell before!

In other news, 

Ellie helped me with Christmas decorating!
This is her version of a wreath.

Theo and I have been busy snuggling.

And for a parting shot,
 look at this fine Montana sky.

Pretty cool, huh?
Those animals you see.
They are elk.
Lovely and graceful elk right outside of Jay and Kacey's home!

And with that picture etched in your mind, I will say good bye.


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy, happy birthday, Lauren!

Wishing you the happiest of all birthdays!

(um, we filmed this after Ellie's bedtime)


She is three!

Would you believe this cute one had a birthday more than a month ago and
we are just now documenting it?  

Would you believe she is THREE?

To celebrate the grand occasion,
there were flowers!

There was dancing.

There was singing!

And, of course,
there were presents!
(umbrella and rain boots from Aunt Ash)

And, if you look to the back of the picture below,

that is me holding Theo!
(I am as happy as Ellie because of this fact)

Ellie, it was a magnificent day celebrating you
and the joy you bring to all our lives!  



We are at the "Big Blue House"!

We got in the car (SUV) and headed south!

But, would you believe it was raining here in San Diego!

 The sun did come out!

What a great day for the San Diego Zoo.

Screaming was in order of course!

If the sun comes up, it must go down , right?

(This photo was taken right out the door of our condo.)

Twelve stories up.
Rachel and Ellie on the rooftop to see the sunset.

Until next time,
just let your hair fly and
don't worry about the tangles!


The baby boy!

It is with a


on my face 
that I tell you about the new babe.

The whole gang is excited to say welcome to the family!

Well, maybe Hudson isn't too thrilled!

"Grandma, may I please hold him?"


"Let's see what daddy says."

"Grandma, look, he said yes!!!!"

appeared at 9:04 in the morning
on September 6th
weighing 8 pounds and 14 ounces
20.5 inches long.

We are all happy!

Our laps and hearts are full of love.


My phone is a phone!

I think the girls have officially ditched this blog thing.
Instagram has taken over for them.

Since I am still "old-time" and my phone is just that, a phone, this blog works for me.

Here is an update for you all that still look at the blog.
Steve and I spent some time together in San Diego the beginning of August.

We tried the newer location of the Village Pizzaria in Coronado.  The pizza was yum, and the company great.  It feels like one big long date when we are in San Diego by ourselves!

Ellie has been growing!

Steve has been riding.

Ashley wanted to ride through Glacier National Park on a Harley.
It didn't take her long to talk Steve into it.

Hudson has been growing too!

Ellie has been watering.

We have had some amazing weather.

Kacey has been growing too!

You all will have to come back for a further update on the wee one's progress!

See you soon,


Do Re Mi

It has been a while since you all have heard from us.

Once you watch the video below,
you might say. . .
it was worth the wait.


Shall we celebrate Rachel?


It doesn't seem like that long ago that she looked like this picture below.
Ah, she was very huggable!
Still is for that matter!

Rachel, you have grown into a lovely young woman.
It is so wonderful to call you my daughter.

There is one thing you will always be able to count on, Rachel.

 Your mama's love for you will never cease!

Another thing you will always be able to count on.
Your dad will always be on your side.
Holding your hand if necessary!

Happy Birthday to you!



Ashley pouted just a bit.

You see, she wasn't in any of the pictures from the last post.

How could I have left her out?
She is such an important presence in our daily life!

Here you go, Ashley.

I don't think you should touch that!  

Speaking of touching.
Ellie is going to be the first to touch the Cheetos!

waiting, waiting, waiting. . . .

The 4th and Steve is 50!

Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th celebrating our great country!

Our day started out with the local Kalispell parade.

Ellie gathered a "boat load" of candy!!!!!!

Then we headed out to Kacey and Jay's to play.
And play we did!!!!

These are the lovely canola fields we passed on the way to Kacey's place.
It is quite breathtaking, wouldn't you say?

Ellie and Hudson were loving the 4th!

Lauren got to meet and say hi to the cows.

And finally. . .
We played cornhole.

Would you believe that Steve made our boards!
Yep.  It took the guy about an hour!  (not counting paint)
Um, totally awesome talent that guy has!
And. . .


Happy Birthday to my husband.


June 17th

So here we are; a series started one year ago ends tonight with this final set of pictures.  Crazy to think of how much time has passed.

Places didn't really change much.  

Seasons did.

I did.

Creation's beauty didn't.

But the front of the house finally did!

It's hard to see but the wall 90 degrees to the front door on the porch is fully sided! I should include a picture of the side of the house where Dad is making excellent progress on making our house look good again!  

These two weren't really that dark, though I did take them this evening.  I'm blaming posting quality. It's been a long day and maybe I'll tell you about it sometime, but right now I'm wiped and headed to bed. Hope you enjoyed this year of pictures; a glimpse into the seasons of capricious Montana.