{two months}

{updated to include hudson's stats we found out at the doctor's office today...
he is a healthy 14 lbs. 2 oz. and 24.5 inches long!!!
keep up the good work, little man, you have a big sister to watch out for (smile)}

O, how is this happening already???
my little mister man is two months old!

he is turning into quite the chubby little munchkin {grin}

still working on the sleep thing...hmm...
mommy's just in survival mode at this point and hoping for more continuous sleep this month {is that too much to wish for?}

hudson, buddy, you are so alert now...
spending your awake time observing the world around you 
and bestowing sweet smiles on those you love. {in between eating and crying, that is}

mommy loves loves loves when you grant her one of your smiles and coo happily...fills her heart with joy, and makes up for all of those rough nights

you still look so much like your daddy to me, and I pray you will grow up to be the wonderful, dear man that he is 

hugging and snuggling you is something I wish I could just sit and do all day long; 
I find myself daily {oftentimes, WAY more than once daily} just stopping and thanking the Lord for giving you to me for this short and precious time; knowing you are really HIS and so wowed that He entrusts you to me.  What an honor, dear one!

watching you sleep, cozily swaddled and curled on your side, as I pen these words
just seeing the sweet peace on your face...listening to your soft sighs, and gentle breathing...admiring those darling pursed baby lips.....and feeling my heart overflow

love you my son,



Spring has come to Kalispell with downpours of rain.   On the upside, the grass has turned green, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are starting to leaf.  And in the true flip-flop nature of spring, the sun has warmed the last couple of days to 70 - 80 degrees.   I can not express the relief of finally feeling completely enveloped in warmth.

We are making the most of it.  Of course, the rest of the family had a head start on their tans in San Diego, so now I have to catch up.  Even Ellie is nicely colored and such an adorable little person.

She loves all her family, especially her mother and father and baby brother (she is usually one of the first to hear him start fussing), but I think Grandma has a special place in her heart.  One thing is for sure, Ellie has certainly snagged a special place in her Aunt Rachel's heart.  

And then there is my little nephew.  Look, he's smiling!  Do you see it?  So happy with his Momma.

Ashley latest fun - Instagram . . . The app where you make pictures look good by messing them up.  

One of the projects I completed while the family was in San Diego.  1000 pieces of fruit.

Dad caulking the garage so we can paint it now that the weather is warm enough.  So excited to see it getting finished!

Sunshine and flowers are certainly good for the psyche.  Happy Spring! 



If you were to ask me, I would tell you that life with two children is unpredictable, and my family would agree...Ashley sums up my little ones in one word

{all pictures supplied by ashley's iphone since my hands are currently full of a certain little someone}

I tend to think of ellie as my easy child more often than not these days...
{and that's saying a lot}

found out what Hudson likes me to do to calm him down
aren't you just so curious???
well, here it is....air squats
Hudson being a fussy baby = good workouts for mommy 

ellie loves being outdoors
she would spend practically every moment of every day out there if I let her 

one can never have too much chick-fil-a
(three times this week, oh yeah!)

there are times I just have to repeat to myself over and over
I love being a mommy...I love being a mommy...I love being a mommy

sun is truly wonderful

naptimes are a blessing

so is family 

{on topic, missing my husband desperately...hi honey!}

and getting a perfect picture with the children's great great grandma...well, it just doesn't happen but hey we marked a memory!


one, two, three wheeee!!!
ellie's newest favorite activity...and she can do it all by herself


{one month}

the other significant milestone that occurred on my birthday this year ~
Mr. Hudson turned one month old!

wow, wow, wow
that's all I can say
"already?" is all my brain can think...

I love you, my son
fresh from a bubbly bath

in the middle of the night when you are hungry
in your little happy moments
satisfied from a yummy meal
and in your frequent grumpy times too

I love snuggling with you, my baby boy
amazing how this time is already passing by

ever so thankful your little self is a part of our lives

eighteen months

the same lovely day that marked my twenty-third birthday was the occasion of some other significant milestones in our family...
the first being that little miss ellie turned a year and a half old!

difficult to believe how big my little girlie is getting!  I knew time would go quickly, I just never anticipated it flying by the way the last eighteen months have.

my dear daughter,
as each day passes, I find I love you more and more...
you are spirited {to say the least}
you are busy, busy, busy
you are a thinker, so smart...
you are loving
you are creative

you are fun
you love walks, swings, and anything having to do with "outside"
you are a climber
you are such a helper to mommy
you are a wonderful big sister to Hudson
you are an avid book reader {your little Bible is still one of your favorites}

you are a talker
you are musical {you love to sing "Jesus loves me", mommy's ABC song, and "Zacchaeus"}
you are so playful
you are an animal lover
you are a good eater...not picky at all
you like cute shoes [grin} 

you are my sunshine on a cloudy day 
you are beautiful
you are mine
I love you,


Making the best of a sunny day

The forecast said rain, but sunshine appeared.  Ashley made breakfast for Kacey and herself on her birthday . . . a egg dish that required bread cubes.   We had saved the bread crusts for an Ellie activity, only rain set in, delaying our plans until today.

We went to feed the ducks!

Notice the piece of bread flying out of Ellie's hand.  She loves the park and quacking like a duck. 

She loves her Grandma too. 

Even gave her a kiss on the bridge.

"See my bread, Aunt Rachel"

"I'm going to give it to those ducks!"

"Can I give it to this one?"

"All done, Grandma."

Ready to head home, wiggling happy toes in the warm air.  

I love my little niece; her personality is so engaging and fun.  

Adventures on a sunny day are the best.  I think winter has made me appreciate the delight of sunshine and warmth.  So wherever you live, don't take sunshine, love, family, or tomorrow for granted today.