Wee Rickel

Ellie refers to the newest Rickel as Wee Rickel.

That wee one is growing.  (Picture from Kacey's instagram)

Ellie has been praying that you would feel better.
She is sending this picture in hopes that it would give you a happy heart.

It is a gloomy day in San Diego today.
Absolutely no sun to speak of.
In fact, the temperature here is 61 and when I checked Kalispell it was the same at 61!



Rachel said...

Aw, thank you Ellie. Your auntie is smiling and sending hugs your way. Miss you much; hope you are being a big helper for Grandma and Mommy. Make Hudson laugh for me, okay?

I love you all down there. I do not think it was 61 degrees today (just saying). But it was sunny for awhile!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! This growing family is so beautiful and so full of Love!!! It is so amazingly that I am able to see these pictures and catch up on what my family out west is up to!!!

~Jamie P~