March 27th

March 27th was our 26th Anniversary!

The girls decided that we should celebrate in San Diego
where there are  a "few" more options.

They arranged a dinner for us at a restaurant we enjoy.
We were to show up at the Chart House at 6:45 on Sunday night.

We followed our instructions (no questions were allowed to be asked).

The hostess was seating us and I noticed that she walked past the last vacant table.
She was taking us to a table that had other people sitting at it.


I know those people!

The girls arranged for two couples that were an integral part of my life and part
of the beginning of our marriage, to meet with us there!


A total surprise and blessing to be in their company.
Thank you, friends, for giving us your time.
You are a treasure to us.

There was a lot of years of marriage represented there.
John and Terry = 40 years
Mark and Jan = 32 years

It was a lovely evening, girls.

We both thank you very much.

Mom and Dad

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Anonymous said...

You two are very inspirational congrats!!! Love you Aunt Jodi and Uncle Steve....