A Bed with so many good memories!

Ellie has been sleeping so well here in San Diego!

All the sunshine and fresh air makes for restful naps.

When I was a little girl, I slept in this same bed at my grandma's house.

I have many lovely memories of sleeping at grandma's
and listening to Paul Harvey while falling asleep.

Rachel slept in this same bed for many, many years!  She looked as adorable in it as Ellie does.


for all you non-instagrammers...

Here is a picture of Ashley, Dr. Kirk Milhoan, and Lauren.

Looks as though they are having one fine time.
They flew to Papua New Guinea yesterday and will be there for 5 days.

Until tomorrow, folks!

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Anonymous said...

The other day at the Penguin Encounter, the lighting was starting to dim. Winter arrives in Antarctica during the same months as it does in Australia. That would be June, July, and August in the US.

Rachel was with Dr. Milhoan in Mongolia a few years ago.

Mr. S.

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