April 17th

What does April look like in Kalispell?

Our first steady day of sunshine; just in time for pictures.  The rain has caused green growth overnight, though the last three nights below freezing have stunted flowers.  But everyone is smiling in the sun, knowing we are getting closer to summer, closer to warmth.

However, it is not the time to shed your jacket. Bracing winds keep the 40 degree temperature days colder than I would like. I want a day to lie in the sun and kick this cold messing with my life. 

I visited the local urgent care up here and got the happy news that I have some form of otitis media that can exist for up to five months! Hooray! And there is nothing they can do for it as it is not a infection treatable by antibiotics. 

So this has been my crashpad for the last five days. The entire left side (as you face the house) has been insulated and wrapped (Thanks Dad!), and we are ready to start the back. So maybe we will actually have a summer yard next year.  This year it will be a mud pit/ dust bowl/ construction zone.

The critical eye will notice there are still no leaves on the trees, there are brown patches in the grass, and snow on the upper mountains. But I feel like a High School Musical student sitting in my desk, watching the clock, whispering "summer, summer, summer, summer!"

Summer seems another world, though, hunkered down here in the basement next to the fire. Takes me the day to get the house warm and for every hour I sleep the house gets one degree colder. Hmmm, maybe we should finish that insulating.

C'est ça! All the words I have to throw at you. Oh, other than this. Go help Evan Wickham reach the goal for his new cd on Kickstarter! I'm super excited to hear it! Only seven days left to help out, so hop to it, as Bramble would say!


Anonymous said...


I sent Ashley a get well card that wasn't filled out. Maybe she could fill it out and give it to you?

Mr. S

Jodi said...

Oh Rachel,

These photos are lovely. The colors are beautiful. I am so sorry you are not feeling super-de-dooper and that I am not there to make you some soup, or sooth your brow, or encourage you in some small way.

Dad made it here after midnight last night.

I love you,

kristina said...

I kinda wished I hadn't seen that. It is 32 degrees here in MN. Grey skies, strong wind, sleet and snow.