The Fickle Spring

It was only yesterday after a morning of rain showers, that I sat on the stump in our backyard, closed my eyes against the sunlight, and felt warmth thrown across my shoulders like a blanket. "Finally," I thought.

Then, creeping across the sky, a cloud; but not alone, soon he was joined by another, darker; now another, darker still. Then came the torrents of rain into the night, filling the house with the sounds of thunder.

Still, I never expected frosty snowflakes 2 inches deep.

This spring has been tough. No one in our family can seem to stay healthy for long: Hudson and I being the latest two suffering maladies. 

Day 3 of Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) = Not Fun
But what I've been attempting lately is to not let circumstances take the smile from my face. Sure, life's not fun and I don't want to smile at you and pretend everything is okay. I might want sympathy or someone to say "Wow, so sorry." But then I want to be Jesus to people. And if I'm down and out of the fight because of a cold, that doesn't bode well for the war.

So yes, I'm tired. Yes, it's miserable outside. Yes, my eyes burn. BUT, I have a warranty that good will come from these things. So I'm not going to let my smile cower from the light of day.

With that said, I'm thankful to spend the rest of the day in the basement, alone and by a warm fire.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Rachel, your post was written so well that I could feel your heart, and imagine what you must be feeling. Your right, you have a warranty that good will come from these things! For now, enjoy that warm cozy fire, and know that you are loved!!

I saw your family at church this morning, and spent some time visiting with them. I missed seeing you.

love and hugs, Mary (Cota)

Jodi said...

Rachel dear,

You look so sad and your eyes look as though they are really painful.

I'm so sorry!

We are enjoying some fine sunshine and your sister is in Aussie Land enjoying some fine culture and you...you are stuck by yourself. Hopefully the bunnies can bring you some sort of comfort.

Yeah for your good attitude!


Rachel said...


Thank you so much for the sweet words. They are a hug themselves felt even miles away. So glad you got to see the family. Aren't they crazy fun? and that niece of mine; even cuter in person, don't you think?

My nephew, well, every time I call, he's screaming in the background, so I don't know if he was a charmer or not. :)

And Mom,

I love you too. Soak up some sunshine in my honor!