hudson lad turns {one} !!!

as you all surely know by now, my little baby is no baby anymore.  He is officially a little one-year old!!! {as of February 28}

this event was marked on its occasion by mommy's Instagram and two happy celebrations held here at our house. sadly, it has taken until now for me to blog and write and share pictures for all of you to enjoy...{ I could blame prego sickness, and tax season, and general busyness that seems to be my life, but I won't...suffice it to say, my blogging consistency is severely lacking}


Wow, my little boy, you are one! Sorry, but you are still mommy's baby until the new one comes along. I have to get my snuggles and you give them willingly.  Thanks, buddy.

you are officially finished with all baby food, and you want the yummy stuff on mommy and daddy's plates.  you are usually pretty easy-going about trying new things, but there are days you refuse all food options other than your happy dappy oatmeal...mmm...mmm...  Let's see, what do you like most of the time?  cheese, yogurt, strawberries, apples,pasta, potatoes, any kind of delicious soup, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs...you really do love your meat, just like your daddy!  snacks are always good too...puffs are still a favorite, honey nut cheerios, and baby mum-mum's...

my poor little guy, you have been so sick these last few months.  I think you have really only had a week that you were free from nasty cold ick.  no fun.  and teething all at the same time, too!  I think you have a total of eight teeth poking through now.  Good work!

you are a continuing to be a wonderful little sleeper for mama.  Still taking a rest in the morning, and an afternoon nap before you head to a nice early bedtime of seven.  guess it takes you so much energy to grow, grow, grow like you do!

walking hasn't been your main focus until the last few weeks, but now you can walk all on your own!  with several tumbles, and wobbling.  So cute!

you are such a little Guy, and I love it!  you love to put things together and take them apart.  you figure out how stuff works, and you try to help so much already {grin}  daddy and you put together stuff for mommy...I know that he loves having you as his side-kick, and is counting the days until you can tag along with him and help him on the job.  I keep telling him that is a long, long way away!  I like having you here way to much!!!

you jibber jabber a lot....but you do say several words very clearly.  "Hi there" "bye-bye" "Da-da" "Ma-ma" "uh-oh" , "nigh-nigh"  and you understand so much of what mommy is saying...

"let's brush your teeth" and "bathtime!"  are your favorite announcements of the day.  A close second being "are you ready for night-night, hudson??"  {grin}

you have changed our household so much in just a year, and our family wouldn't be the same without you.

Happy 1st Birthday, my son!


 {p.s. birthday party post soon to follow...please bear with me}

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Jodi said...

Hey Kacey,

Did you notice that Hudson isn't looking at the camera in most of the pictures? He IS a busy boy and that IS what you captured!

What do you think? Does Hudson want a brother or sister?

Thank you for the post!