WHY did Ellie insist on going up the steps?
WHY isn't Ellie afraid of this tall slide...at all?

This is WHY one shouldn't wear flip flops while working in a construction zone.

WHY does Ellie like to play in our guest shower?

WHY you wouldn't want to walk out our front door right now.

WHY does this little one look so cute in a hat?  (Probably because her mommy is so beautiful!)

WHY is Hudson almost as big as Ellie?
WHY are we allowing the children to do this?
WHY is there a slide in the house?

WHY is my hair so gray?  (probably because of all the above photos!)


Anonymous said...

You know you're living in a constant home improvement project. This requires wearing protective clothing and footwear. Nice owie you have - looks like that cut still has a little blood leakage.

Gray hair is OK. It's part of the grandparent image. I can say that being one myself.

As for Ellie not being afraid of heights, that is a fear she wasn't born with. I noticed that when she was on the swing at her mom's house.


Anonymous said...

MISS YOU!!!!! Love, L =)

Anonymous said...

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