What I Learned This Weekend

Demolition derby is messy, very messy.

My life is complete now that I have seen a demolition derby.

Okay, just kidding; but it was an interesting concept to cheer guys to slam their cars into each other.   The loudest applause comes when something blows 60 feet into the air or when another guy scampers out of his car just as it bursts into flames.

Thankfully, no casualties . . . other than the cars.

Ever seen a more striking backdrop for a crazy sport?

Dad took the picture and the other folks are friends from church.  We made a night of it, eating funnel cakes and kettle corn, laughing and wincing, and cheering on the four-wheeler races.  To see the entire fair and all the exhibits consumes about 30 minutes of your time. Ah, small-town USA.  Notable animals included this rooster and a fuzzy sheep.

My verdict is still withheld on demo derby.   A sport or a diversion?  Skill or just smashing fun? Healthy competition or harmful pastime?  ?   ?   ?   ?   ?

For some reason, I have a sudden desire to buy an old car . . .

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KC said...

totally laughing right now!!! thanks! :)