August 17

Today is the day.   One year and one month.   Second set of pictures.

The park on First Avenue

I took the liberty of changing it up a bit.   Instead of taking the same seven pictures, I decided to take seven pictures of the same locations.   Seasons will change, and the perspective will need to change to capture the true beauty. 

First Avenue sidewalk

I also took the liberty of changing one of the pictures.   Instead of having two pictures of Dry Bridge Park, I figured to capture the front of our house, since it is ever changing as well with seasons and construction.  Granted, it might not always be pretty, but it represents our life up here so well.

The courthouse picture has a fun story in that today of all days happened to be the Northwest Montana State Fair Parade.  How is that for a perspective change!

Absolutely beautiful draft horses

The last three are scenes from the back of the avenues here in Kalispell.  This shot from the end of our street, I simply turned around to look back from whence I came instead of out toward the mountains.

Ninth Street

At Dry Bridge Park, I ventured inside to photograph the pond at sunset.

A family fishing spot
And the last spot looking toward the mountains will be magnificent in the winter, but for now,  I simply changed the angle and took advantage of the landscape to get a different perspective.

Don't know if that counts, but it seemed there would have been no change in the pictures because of these long summer months.   Anyway, enjoy; thank you all for your kind comments about my pictures. I'm glad to hopefully put a smile on someone's face.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures for those of us without Instagram.

The house renovation seems to be growing larger. What happened to the concrete pour? Wasn't that supposed to be done by now? I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing some bug might slip through the cracks:)

Interesting choice going to black and white for the Clydesdales picture. The horses stood out better without the distraction of the surrounding scenery.

Mr S