Garage update and what is next for Steve

Our garage is finished on the outside (for the most part).

Want to see?

The view from the alley.

The view from the kitchen.
Steve was really kind to me.  He made it look very "cute" for me from the yard view.  When this tree isn't green, one can see the garage clearly.  To me it is like a picture hanging on the wall since it consumes so much of our back yard.  I wanted "cute" and Steve delivered.

From the back door of the house.
Can't you just see a window box under the window and a wreath on the door?  Our back yard needs to still be leveled out and so the concrete path will disappear and the rock path will be a bit different.  

From Rachel's Room.
This garage was a first in a lot of areas for Steve (metal roofing, two roof lines, shingle siding, etc.) and I believe he did a fantastic job.  

I am sure you are all wanting to know what Steve is doing now.  Well, it is a bit of a crazy job but I'll let you look and see.

This is the front of our house.  Do you see the ripped up space there under the window?  Well, that is where Steve has been hanging out.

My dreams (nightmares) have increased since he has been hanging out under there.  There was no foundation under this part of the house.  It was an enclosed porch without a solid foundation.  Steve is all about solid, as you know.

He dug out all the earth under there and is laying forms.  Steve removed a lot of rotten and crumbling lumber.  As I am typing this the jack hammer is hammering away.

The house looks as though it is floating from the side view.  

Creepy and just a tad bit claustrophobic for me.  Looking forward to the concrete pour and stability to the house again.  And, for Steve to get out from under there!  

Oh, and the room inside and above this area will most likely be oh so much warmer this winter as it will be enclosed and insulated.  Sorry stray animals, no more home for you.

There you have it.   Until next time.....



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the house project update. Steve was just getting started on excavating underneath the porch when I visited back in June.

The garage looks great. Inside, it is the most uncluttered garage I have ever seen - you can actually park some cars in there.


Anonymous said...

Darling garage!! Great job Mr. Franks!! Miss you all. Mrs. L

Anonymous said...

Wow...looks great! Looks like things are really coming along.
Sure hope Steve is out from down under by now! :-)

love and hugs, Mary