The Parade

The annual Kalispell Fair Parade.   Small-town USA fun.   Republicans/Democrats.  Old fire engines.  Horses.  4-H animals.  Candy.  Lots of candy.

Ellie slowly built up two fistfuls of candy, carefully separating her fingers to accommodate just one more piece of candy while not letting go of any of the former pieces.  She never tasted a piece though.   Candy isn't something Kacey wants her to add to her diet.   Have we ever mentioned that this adorable almost two-year old loves things like broccoli salad, salmon, and mints?

Anyway, back to the parade.  Ellie was a little overwhelmed by the sirens and amount of people, but loved the animals.

Hudson seemed to be amused.  But then maybe he was bored; he fell asleep toward the end.

I enjoyed the bagpipers.

I also enjoyed these amazing horses.  Think of the Budweiser Clydesdales, only different company with black horses instead, the Express Clydesdales.

These dogs across the street cracked me up.

Like Flynn Rider's suave accent in Tangled, "Hi, the name's Pug." Whatever  . . .

It was a fun day.  If you would like to join us next year, mark your calendars for August 2013; or just enjoy the virtual parade on our blog. :)  Last year's is archived here.

Happy Days!

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KC said...

as always, love the pictures Rachel!! thanks for capturing these memories for us! :)