letters to my husband

{i love you everyday//today i decided to reinforce that with a card}

hello again, darling,

we have had a crazy week without you...
just trying to keep busy and distracted from the fact that you are not here

aunt ashley has been gone all week as well
so my energy re-boost is missing
and the wonderfully candid iphone pics
iphones make it so simple to record memories/
i mean it's right at your fingertips 
{hint, hint, wifey needs wants an iphone :) // so not happening, i know, i know }

we started off the week having a playdate over at the Bell's house
we had fun playing in their big backyard/
it was a hot day, and they had a big pool there...
water=ellie happiness {grin}

tuesday night I had book study, and my mom was sweet to watch ellie during that time
so not fun coming home that late without you being here...
i'm just saying//

last night we found a playground to enjoy at a school near grandma's house
{had a silly fall there and really hurt my knee...it's wrapped and not feeling so well today...sad wifey}

we have been taking walks practically every evening in town
it has been lovely
we even included a visit to the ice cream shop once this week
salted-caramel waffle cone=mommy happiness  {laughing}

there have been several thunderstorms while you have been gone
they make for amazingly beautiful sunsets with incredibly ominous clouds
but, to be quite honest, they make me feel extra lonely and a little unnerved late at night
maybe we will get to enjoy one of them together soon {we can stand out on the porch and admire the power of the lightening bolts}

had another playdate today
this time at the park with little miss abbie baer {and her mommy too}
we took some snacks and ellie's big purple ball
oh the fun we have

and tonight you are coming home!!!
can barely contain my excitement
so looking forward to a week together before you head off yet again

i am so grateful for all of the hard work you do to take care of our little family
i am a happy wife because of you

hurry home, my husband

love you always,

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