{five months}

late again {sigh}

one of these months I will notice hudson's month-by-month celebration
is approaching instead of my classic
"oh, yesterday was the 29th???"

{hudson is using his sister's boppy to have some tummy time}

my dear little one,

you are such a munchkin!!!
squishy, and oh so snuggly...still...
life is a blur/
and you are growing up before I am quite ready

you love sitting right now,
assisted, but, you are getting the hang of doing it on your own/
when you sit by yourself, your nose touches the floor {smile}

this month you have started spending time in your jumpy-jump
you enjoy being up where you can see everything around you
and be in the middle of everything//

ellie loves that you are available for her to play with
she comes over and happily turns your music on for you
and then proceeds to dance in circles around you {grin}

mommy forgot to mention that you weighed a whopping 18.5 lbs at your four-month check-up!
i'm guessing you have put on at least another pound by now
you give mommy's arms quite the work-out

you are starting to show an opinion about things
how you like things to be done, 
what you want to hold and stuff into your mouth,
and what you don't want taken away from your chubby hands

let's see...hmmm...
you moved into a size 4 diaper during the day
and a size 5 at night {same size as your sis!}
you have an array of 6-12 month clothing that fits you well

you are still an AMAZING sleeper
{you like your tummy best, but are rolling so much, I never know where I will find you :) }

I'm a grateful mama

daddy and I take you on all of our dates because you are so easy and happy...you just like hanging out
and being talked to

you are enjoying our long walks more and more/
ellie likes it if the walks include trips to the Sweet Peaks ice cream shop...I should probably say mama enjoys it more...ha

you like swinging with mommy at the park
rocking with mommy, daddy, grandma, or grandpa on the porch
and watching your sister do whatever it is that she is doing

she loves you so much
we all do, baby boy


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Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!! Sure glad I get to watch him grow!

love you all, Mary