Compare and contrast

The day that Mother and Father enjoyed such supreme sunny weather in San Diego, their daughters were dealing with wet snow showers.   The difference from dry snow showers is that the temperature is just a little too warm, and the falling snowflakes clump together, and stick to whatever they land on.  The result is beautiful trees and icy sidewalks.

 (my room)

Jay and Kacey were over to play games, and Ellie was hanging out when I went upstairs to grab something.   I was amazed by how pretty the trees were all around our upstairs, and I called for them all to come up and see.  I had to get the tripod out for the camera to capture these as it was dusk and the light was fading fast.

(Ashley's room)

Nature-made beautiful frosted trees . . . so amazing.   It certainly didn't last very long.

(a close up of the sticky snow)

(Twinkie in the midst of winter's splendor)

Today, we went to church at eight for worship practice after staying up last night with Jay and Kacey and a sleeping Ellie until 10:30.  We got half a game of dominoes in (Mexican train style #s 11, 9, 8, 5, and 4) before we were all too tired to carry on any more.   Usually my alarm startles me out of a deep sleep on Sunday mornings, but for whatever reason, I was awake at 5 and enjoyed my bed until 6, at which point I finally got up and went downstairs to start the fire.  

After church, we went to Kacey's sisters-in-law's birthday party (that is two of Jay's sisters who happen to have been born on the same day nine years apart!)  We had a fantastic time hanging out with Jay's side of the family and guess what Mom?  I got to learn how to throw a hatchet for target practice!  Got to love Montana parties :)   My claim to fame is hitting and sticking it three times in a row.   Too much fun!

And now the rest of the day is relaxing, reading, and blogging for all you interested in the crazy life of one San Diego family transplanted in Montana.  I hope you all had a blessed and restful Sunday.  


Jodi said...


Great pictures...you really capture the temperature in your photos!!!!! Now your mommy is worried about all the driving you and Ashley will be doing in this icy weather! Lots of prayers for safe driving.

I love you,

Lauren said...

These pictures are so lovely!!! It's so hot and humid in Australia, this snow looks great!!!