Sunday Afternoons

A typical Sunday afternoon for us definitely focuses on family.  After spending the whole morning ministering at church, it is always good to relax.  Usually we enjoy a lunch out, have a very casual dinner in (if people haven't completely stuffed themselves at lunch), and play lots of card games.

Ellie hangs out with us, takes a nap, or acts like a teenager.

She's already got it down.  Kick back and play with the phone :)

Sometimes we blog on Sundays . . . sometimes we visit the ER, as Kacey did this morning.  Just keep her and Hudson in prayer as she is required to take it easy these next few days at home.

Hope all you readers are able to have a blessed and restful Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Ellie dialed 202-456-1111 and left a comment.

Mr. S

P.S. That number is listed under "Call the President" @ www.whitehouse.gov