The Changes

This post is mostly for the girls in Montana.

They wanted to see some of the things I have been doing.

I have been working on our studio as someone will be moving in tomorrow.
This is the first time in a while since someone has "lived" in the studio.
Usually we have guests or family members who stay for short visits.

I realized since a gentleman was moving in
I should probably take out some of the "FLUFF"
add some neutral components.

Hence, a new clock,
(goodbye to the painted house clock with lovely flowers)

a new lamp,
(goodbye lovely porcelain shaped base with flowery shade)

and a new shower curtain.
(goodbye pastel colored shower curtain with lovely flowers, goats, sheep, and ducks dancing--
it has memories--it is from the first place we lived as husband and wife)

Yes, I kept the picture in there.  It is scripture.  Not just for girls, right?

Now the studio is ready for habitation.
if I might say so myself,
it is rather bland.

Oh, did you notice the flowers on the upholstered chair?
Wasn't quite sure how to get rid of those!!!!!

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ray said...

I really didn't mind all the girly stuff.. :-) but very thankful for it either way!