Home Alone in Montana

I don't know; should I put sensitive information like that right in a title? . . . maybe it would be better published in Wikileaks.   But whoever reads be warned, I know Kung Fu.   *hiyah!*

Okay, honestly, I am fine.   So what does a girl do with all her time alone?

Investigate rusty bolts on old train bridges!
or. . .

Go for a pretty stroll.   

Now notice there is no snow on the ground.   Everyone up here is dumbfounded at the unusual lack of fluffy white stuff.  

I was hoping for a blizzard.   

Anyway, moving on,

How about lay down on some cushy rocks and take a picture of your dirty black shoes?

If one were in a serious mood, they could remark on the beauty of God's creation in Montana.  

But I am here to bring some smiles, not cause reflective glazed eyes; so I'll remark on how I was inspired by the ice above to find a purpose for ice.   

It was a true lightbulb moment; note the devilish grin above.

So my next jaunt down the road brought me here.

Water park in the summer, ice rink in the winter.  Ahhh, the true purpose of ice.

Detour ahead:  I just like taking pictures of myself to prove I was actually there.  Wow, I really have an overbite, don't I? And that nose . . . I look like Rudolph; only I can't fly. 

But I can glide . . . across ice that is :)

No, I did not resort to sitting on the ice.  I sat on the bank.

And if you are a midget you could skate under the foot bridge in our quaint Montana park.

But you know what, I really like it here.  And the house hasn't been creaking at night.  So I'm good.

See you all when you get back; don't have too much fun down there in SD.


P.S.  I would like to state here that I have completed the first post of the year.  Thank you.


Rachel said...

Am I allowed to comment on my own post? A really cool trick I just found out. Click one of the pictures above and see if you get a slideshow . . . At least that is what my Safari does on my Apple equipped with Lion software. :)

Anonymous said...

The slideshow you mentioned can also be viewed on Internet Explorer. Besides Lion my MacBook also runs Windows 7. Spring must be right around the corner - there's no snow in most of your pics except pics 3 and 4 with the mountain in the background. Congrats on your first post of the new year!

Mr. S.

P.S. If I was a midget I'd be a member of the Lollipop Guild.

Anonymous said...

You're so funny =) Love your pictures as always. Miss you lots! Love, Mrs. L