While in San Diego

How can it be?

It is our last day in San Diego and there have been no posts?

Well, you see, there has been A LOT of sickness!  Unfortunate but true.

There also was no camera cord.  Hmmmm, who brought the camera without the cord?????

But, Ashley saved the day this morning.

She had a brilliant thought.  Why not put the camera disc thing into her computer.  Just brilliant.  Now, I have just a few pictures to show you.

First we will share a photo that was taken before our departure.

These bald eagles were spotted by Kacey in the field by her home.  Simply amazing!

Ellie awoke Friday morning sporting her new Christmas gift PJ's from Auntie Rachel.

Saturday we attended the lovely wedding of Carly Batten who is now Mrs. Carly Wright.  This was the reason for our visit.  Carly is a dear friend and she was in Kacey's wedding!

Ellie stayed home from church on Sunday with a terrible cough, sneezing, and runny nose.  Very nasty.

Yesterday Kacey had an orthodontist appointment and then I had a dentist appointment.  A crown of mine had cracked and needed to be replaced.  It was a long visit!!!!!!  BUT, after the dentist we were able to shop.  That is a cure all, right?????

Ellie got these most lovely slippers yesterday that she was able to wear this morning.

Today there is another orthodontist appointment.  Ashley has a friend visiting from Sacramento.  There is lunch at Islands and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with shopping in between and a visit with Grandma Blackner!!!!!

Tomorrow begins early and we will depart San Diego around 6 in the morning.

Every day while we were here the temperatures exceeded 70 degrees.  Ahhhh, we are all warmed up and filled with vitamin D.  

It has been a quick trip but worth it!

Bye for now!
Jodi reporting from San Diego

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Anonymous said...

Tweet dreams, everyone. I'll be looking forward to your posts after your return to Montana.

Mr. S.