A San Diego Update

It continues to be quite lovely here in San Diego.

Thursday I had my dentist appointment.
It involved a root canal.
that wasn't planned!
I go for another visit on Monday.

Now, onto other topics.

Ashley, your room says hello!

Rachel, your room says hello as well!

When we arrived in San Diego, the yard was 

I was able to spend a lovely afternoon working in the yard.
It felt wonderful.
Soaking up the vitamin D and sweating.

Then the yard looked like this!

Girls, can't you just feel the warmth in this picture!

I'll be updating again soon.  I think Steve and I will BBQ either for lunch or dinner tonight!

1 comment:

KC said...

feeling a little jealous right now, Mama...{grin} oh, how I would love to let a certain little girlie run her energy out in your clean backyard while her mommy puts her feet up and rests in the sunshine!