Those of you who happen to check up on Montana weather probably already know that we got snow last week.   Not just a little overnight dusting that melts away in the morning sun; but a serious, three-day, constant swirling of snowflakes kind of storm.  The result was that the Jetta was almost impossible to drive, we got to see snowplows in action, and I got snow down my pants while making a snow angel :)

This picture is from the day after, when the furious flurries finished.

Pallets piled under snow

BBQ, anyone?

Snow caps

A weird-looking tree phenomenon

Hi Hollister!  Are you enjoying the snow?  Are you trying to drink frozen water?  In below freezing temperatures, I change their waters twice a day.  During this storm, I almost had to change them in the middle of the day too.  It was actually miserably cold.  I fully comprehend that phrase now.  

Cold enough to make ice on the inside of our windows!  And here is my favorite picture . . . 

The wintery view out my window.   Frost in between the panes of my storm windows.  Nature's patterns are so amazingly intricate, delicate, and beautiful.

Okay, I know that is a whole load of pictures to just dump on here, but I was feeling behind in getting these out.  Oh wait I forgot one.  This one is of the roads up here in winter conditions.   Isn't our little main street cute?  Notice also the snow berms in the middle of the street.  It is like having a concrete median down the highway.   Come to think of it, I don't think that there are any concrete medians in the whole of Flathead County.   You would have to travel several hours south to Interstate 90 to find some of those.

Those snow piles have gotten significantly higher in the past few days.  But for us, different is fun!


Jodi said...


Most excellent post. Great job at capturing the feel of the town!

Dad and I experienced every kind of weather today, snow, ice, rain, and fog! We are happily ensconced at Mt. Gaywas now!


Anonymous said...

Oh how i miss Kalispell & those MT blizzards !! Moved to NC 12 years ago & almost never see snow :( Today it is expected to be 60* !! Enjoy !
ps ~thank you for the town pictures
Heather & Bob Crosswhite (family friends to Jay & Tracey)

Anonymous said...

SNOW! How fun!! I love your pictures. I think I need to go put on a jacket now...just looking at your pics makes me shiver! =) Miss you all. Love, Mrs. L

Anonymous said...

Looking at all the pictures posted....what a difference between the Montana pictures and San Diego pictures!!
The snow looks lovely, I would love to experience it! (for a time) love you all! Mary