The Fickleness of Spring

Rain, snow, sun . . . if you don't like the weather, wait an hour and it will change.

Not too long ago, I took these pictures out at Kacey's house.  Early spring.

Just a few days ago, I took this picture.  Middle spring.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of rain.  I guess I am not inspired to get wet photographing puddles.  Yesterday, Mom drove north 25 minutes to the fancy ski town of Whitefish.  There was sun where she started, rain in between, and snow in Whitefish. Craziness.

The frosty outside of Kacey's house with snow piles from the plowed driveway.  The downstairs is their livable space and the entire upstairs is a construction project.  They are hoping to get two bedrooms done up there soon for Ellie and themselves.

Now that it is warmer, the bugs have come out, both inside and outside.  Did I tell you about the ladybug in my ear?  No?

Here's the story:  Woke up early in the morning to a tickle in my ear.  Tried to ignore it and then heard a dreadful noise in my ear.  Rustling and rolling and thundering in my head without ceasing.  Dealt with it for a couple of hours until the urgent care opened then went in and they flushed my ear out.  The bug was only a baby, so small, and yet he sounded like a giant when he was struggling against my eardrum.  The doctor said he once pulled a cockroach out of a boy's ear that was driving the boy mad.   I can testify that it is really hard not to freak out when something is constantly wiggling against your eardrum.  

Anyway, no permanent damage, and now I have a funny story :)

I think the bunnies are happy about a little warmer weather.  

Ellie likes to help me feed them apple cores which makes them very happy too.

The leaves are starting to grow on the trees creating dappled shadows on the ground once again.  With all the rain, you can literally watch the grass grow, recreating the desolate winter landscape into spring happiness. 

And you can literally watch Hudson grow too.   He is already in 3-6 month onsies and is quite the little man.  

And Ellie enjoys playing with Photo Booth on the iPad.  

Happy spring to you all.  


kristina said...

Hi! You have a lot of followers but no commenters. Am I not supposed to comment? I don't like your lady bug story- eww. But I love the pictures you posted- they are beautiful! You are right about the strange weather around here. See ya later! Love, kris.

Anonymous said...

Why I don't leave many comments...

Aren't you too young to have a gray hare? (Gusgus)

"So that's what was bugging you."

Q: Why did the woman go outside with her purse open?
A: She expected to see some change in the weather.

Compared to the iPad, Moses had the greatest tablets of all time.

Mr. S

Rachel said...

RE:Kristina . . . Comments always make us smile, so please do. I didn't care for the lady-bug story much either! See you soon!

RE: Mr. S. . . . Like I said, comments make us smile. Very clever notes on the post. :)