{two months}

{updated to include hudson's stats we found out at the doctor's office today...
he is a healthy 14 lbs. 2 oz. and 24.5 inches long!!!
keep up the good work, little man, you have a big sister to watch out for (smile)}

O, how is this happening already???
my little mister man is two months old!

he is turning into quite the chubby little munchkin {grin}

still working on the sleep thing...hmm...
mommy's just in survival mode at this point and hoping for more continuous sleep this month {is that too much to wish for?}

hudson, buddy, you are so alert now...
spending your awake time observing the world around you 
and bestowing sweet smiles on those you love. {in between eating and crying, that is}

mommy loves loves loves when you grant her one of your smiles and coo happily...fills her heart with joy, and makes up for all of those rough nights

you still look so much like your daddy to me, and I pray you will grow up to be the wonderful, dear man that he is 

hugging and snuggling you is something I wish I could just sit and do all day long; 
I find myself daily {oftentimes, WAY more than once daily} just stopping and thanking the Lord for giving you to me for this short and precious time; knowing you are really HIS and so wowed that He entrusts you to me.  What an honor, dear one!

watching you sleep, cozily swaddled and curled on your side, as I pen these words
just seeing the sweet peace on your face...listening to your soft sighs, and gentle breathing...admiring those darling pursed baby lips.....and feeling my heart overflow

love you my son,


Hannah said...

Oh Kacey, he is scrumptious! There's just something about a baby boy that is so jolly and sweet.
Wishing you sleep!

KC said...

@Hannah...agreed! baby boys are jolly and fun!! your little man is such a darling too {grin}