rain rain go away

the rain has been lingering around here this last week
while I don't mind a little cloudy, rainy weather
I do seem to miss the sun so//
daddy is sweet enough to take ellie out to play regardless of the weather
grateful for daddies {smile}

besides, if there weren't rain
then I wouldn't get to see this darling munchkin
standing with boots so wet in my mud room
say "cheese" ellie {grin}

feeling more settled lately
enjoying having hubby working at home on paperwork so frequently
happy for the middle of the day kisses
loving our little family

realizing who I truly am...humbling, this mother role is
keeping me close to Jesus/ on my knees for wisdom
which is a good thing

ellie is holding a cup of cheerios for those of you who were curious...
 life is full of these moments
moments I just try to hold on to and not miss
keeping my camera nearby in hopes of capturing them forever

I want my children to know how very much their mommy loves them
always always
so I write//
a journal with pictures to remember this fleeting, precious time

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