Was it Lost?

Do you remember when I told you about the phrase Steve uses when I call him and say, "I found something!  He will often say "Oh, was it lost?"

Well, we had that conversation again recently.

I was at a second-hand store of sorts and found this toddler bed that was adorable.  I had never seen anything like it.  It supposedly held a regular sized single mattress.  And it was absolutely adorable.  Oh, I already mentioned that!

Steve got the call.  He came and met me and said I could take the lost find home!!!!!


When we got it home:

it didn't fit where I thought it would,
it didn't hold a single mattress like the lady mentioned it would, (because I already had one of those)
and, now I was sad about my wonderful find.

You do remember that my husband is Mr. Handyman Extraordinaire?  He is, you know.  And he fixed that bed all up and made it so that it would hold that single mattress.

Then it involved rearranging a whole room!  Goodness, what have I gotten myself into.

Here is the rearranged room with the "find".

The headboard has a cute teddy decal.

And the baseboard has a cute bunny decal.  (as you all know, we are VERY partial to bunnies at this house!)

Now, the real challenge begins.

Will Ellie take a nap in this new find?

The first attempt produced no nap.
The second attempt produced no nap.
The third attempt...the same...no nap. 

However, Ellie never got down from the bed, she didn't fuss, and she just didn't take a nap.  We have a preschool right next door.  Ellie is very fascinated with the children.  She would just watch them out the window.

But, we were not going to give up on this.  After all, this bed was a great find!!!!!

The fourth attempt was a grand success!

Every attempt after has been a grand success.

Ellie and her bunny now sleep in a big girl bed that was lost but has now found a new home!

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KC said...

nice post mama! cannot believe my little ellie is old enough for a big girl bed!! my, oh, my!!! {grin}