as the sun sets on another busy day,
and my two little darlings are sleeping peacefully,
I find a quiet moment to reflect on all the good things God has done

motherhood may bring it's challenges, but it is one of the greatest blessings God has given me
to wake up every morning to the sound of a little voice calling me...wanting me...loving me...needing me...
and I realize that it is I who need them

the beauty of a life...and the unspeakable joy that has been mine in bringing two little lives into this world...this world that, sadly, doesn't always treasure life
but I do,
and tonight, I'm aching to save a little life...to be able to do something other than sitting and thinking and wishing and hoping and praying and praying and praying
knowing that the utmost I can do is bring it before our Heavenly Father who is able to effect change even in the hearts of kings (proverbs 21:1)

and while this happens most unfortunately to thousands of babies....how different it becomes to know of one specifically....
it becomes not just a statistic, but a life that will soon be no more

breaks my heart

tragic really...so tragic

this cause has always been so near and dear to my heart...long before I had the privilege of becoming a mother...

pray with me today will you? for all of the sweet lives that are dependent upon the whim of an individual who, whether they realize it or not, has been granted one of God's greatest gifts...growing inside of them

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Hannah said...

Kacey, this issue weighs so heavily on my heart. It has always saddened me, but now, as a mother, it is just unthinkable. I am praying with you...