mother's day 2012

mother's day this year was made even more special by having the addition of the little mr. hudson to hold and love on...a mother twice over...
I am so blessed

while my family was out of town gallivanting over in coeur d'alene,
we spent the afternoon and evening 
celebrating with my in-laws

{this is huddy-buddy, as my dad calls him, with his little cousin, adler maltby
adler is just three weeks older than hudson}

the guys and my jay's younger sisters made us mamas a beautiful and flavorful dinner consisting of grilled hamburgers, brats, and colorful, marinated chicken and vegetable kabobs...with fresh fruit salad...mmmm...
 and for dessert: chocolate and coconut creme pies
so good!

it was a lovely, sunny day//
just the type of day that makes you want to spend every minute outside delighting in it

and, we got our first official picture as a family of four!!!
it's about time, ha

{ellie being silly and sticking her tongue out, and hudson almost smiling in this shot}

thank you gentlemen and emily, anna, and katie for the wonderful dinner
and thank you, Lord, for the beautiful day, the gift of being a mother, and the blessing of our mamas to celebrate too


Hannah said...

I love Adler's expression in that picture! Ha, ha, little guys are so funny! You can tell they'll be best friends. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family picture! Miss you. Sending San Diego hugs. Love, Mrs. L