Eight months

(as a side note, I started writing this post a few nights ago...but my computer got a nasty virus and I had to spend some time fixing that problem.  So, please excuse the tardiness of this post, and enjoy!)

Ellie, you are eight months old now!  Mommy just cannot believe how quickly you are growing up....(and how so-way-cute you continue to be...{grin} )

You have almost mastered crawling forward, but you have your backward crawling skills nailed!  Good job, sweetie.  That means that you can pretty much go anywhere your little heart desires. You have surprised Mommy many a time.

I have finally found a fruit combination that you will eat...banana and mixed berry.....mmmm.....so scrumptious.

You pulled yourself to a standing position using the coffee table a couple of days ago.  Makes you look like such a big girl.

I love seeing you in the arms of your daddy because there you still look small and cuddly.  You adore your daddy and practically fall out of my arms trying to get to him when he gets home from work. {smile} Mommy loves Daddy too, dear one.

Yesterday you shook your little head "no" at me for the first time when you were finished eating.  You also love to tilt your head to the side and smile innocently at me when you are eating...it makes you laugh out loud if I copy your look.  Funny girl.


Just look at those teeth!!

These pictures are so you, darling.  Happy, funny, sweet, {with a touch of ornery}!

This Mama is not a very eloquent writer, but she wants you to know, sweet girl, that she is so in love with you; that she is overjoyed to spend every day with you; that she just cannot, cannot, cannot get enough of you; that she thanks Jesus every day for you and the sunshine you bring to her life.

Eight whole months already...wow...


Rayia said...

She is just as cute as a button!

Anonymous said...

Kacey..she is so adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us via these pictures :) Love, Mrs. Morgan

KC said...

thanks for the sweet comments...it is so nice to know if people are reading and enjoying the posts!


Anonymous said...

Kacey, I think you're a wonderful writer! And those pictures of Ellie...so sweet! What a dolly!
Love you both,
Auntie Paige