The Graduate

Lauren (our oldest daughter) graduated last week from the University of Arizona.  Her degree has a rather long title.  Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a major in Physiology.  She graduated summa cum laude -- top 2 percent !  That accomplishment took some dedication and hard work.  Congratulations, Lauren.

Rachel (Lauren's friend), Mr. Koala, and Lauren

She has been visiting with us here in San Diego along with her friend, Rachel.  They left last night.  Lauren is heading to Australia via LAX and Rachel was going back to Tucson.  Why Australia, you ask?  She is gathering information regarding medical schools.  We look forward to seeing her again when we pick her up from LAX toward the end of this month.

we also visited Grandma Blackner (Lauren's great grandma)

Sorry that I cannot enlarge the smaller pictures in this post.  If I do, they pixelate.  You wouldn't like that!

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KC said...

My Congratulations to Lauren! Great Work!! {grin}