Mothering (part 1)

When I became a mother in 1987, I had no clue or idea as to what I was doing. None.

How was this possible? I had a mother. Yep, we all have one of those. My mom did the very best she knew how to do. Of that I am convinced. How is it, then, that I was clueless?

I knew about God, church, and the Bible. In fact, I went to church every Sunday and most Wednesdays as well.

In 1981, when I left my home and upbringing, this is what I felt was Christianity:


How was it that I had been immersed in church and yet missed Jesus?

When I married Steve, (who, by the way, I met at church), I got my first peek at Jesus. It wasn’t through Sundays. It wasn’t through activities focused on the Lord. It wasn’t through hospitality, giving, praying for missionaries, or any other such thing.

It was meeting Steve’s mom and watching her life. Ah, it was like a breath of fresh air. She was the most gentle woman I have ever met. She never preached to me (and let me tell you, she had ample reasons). She only loved me. She accepted me. I know she prayed for me. She embodied Christ like no one else I had met or have ever met since.

What does this have to do with mothering, you ask? Well, I naively thought that if the girls had such a good example in their grandma, why did I need to get serious about the things of God. Wouldn’t her example and influence be enough?

Then came the month of August 1992. A lump was felt. It was diagnosed as cancerous. Surgery followed. So did death. November 5, 1993, Florence Franks was with her Savior.

I was more scared than ever as a mother. Steve and I had four lovely little girls by this time.

Lauren who was born in November of 1987
Ashley & Kacey who were born in March of 1989
Rachel who was born in July of 1990

The girls example of Jesus on this earth was gone. What was I to do?

Steve and I with his mom and dad after our engagement lunch

I'll post part two soon.



KC said...

wow, Mama....i want to hear the rest...soon, ok? I love this story so much, and this picture too. thank you for sharing.

KC said...

Hi, Mama!

Somehow my comment got erased...probably due to all the problems Blogger has been having. sad.. so I am writing my comment again :)

Wow, Mama...I just love this post, and the picture too. Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to read part 2...