Guess who is here?!!

Mom and Dad are back in town!!  I so love having them close by, and little Ellie loves her Grandma and Grandpa too!  {grin}

They will not have internet until this weekend for all of you sweet friends who might be trying to contact them via e-mail and such...just thought you should know.

I have been completely under the weather this week with a nasty cold which seems to have migrated to my sinuses...ick!  I lost my voice Sunday night, but got it back by yesterday afternoon thankfully.  For those of you that know me, not being able to talk is close to not being able to breathe for me.  {smile}  Needless to say, it was so nice to be able to call my mother and ask (read beg) her to come over and help me with Ellie.  She did.  So sweet.

I really haven't taken many pictures lately....pulling the camera out feels like so much work when I don't feel well.  I know, I'm just terrible.

But the little missie and I did brave the rain the other day.

And we wore matching shoes too!  {grin}

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Your effort in getting this post out is appreciated. Hope you get better soon.

Mr. S