A week

Today it has officially been a week since my parents left.  {sad}  We miss them.  And apparently they miss us because my mom has threatened to end all posting if I don't give you all an Ellie update.

So, without further ado......

Ahh, yes, Ellie loves her cow!

We have had some absolutely wonderful days full of sun and warmth up here in "Foreverwinterland!"  Yeah!!  I have so enjoyed taking Ellie outside to play.  She loves it!!  And, big news here, she is not afraid of the "real" cows now.  She was incredibly intrigued with them when I took her out to the field to visit them all.  Not to worry, we stayed our distance and just fed them some handfuls of grass from the other side of the electric fence.

I had a lovely Mother's Day.  Thank you to those of you who sent the sweet notes.  I love hearing from you.  I didn't get many pictures of and my baby girl and I, but I do have one from that day.

I love, love, love, love, love being Ellie's Mama.  Best thing, EVER!!

Due to the increase of warmer weather in our part of the world, it seems everything is suddenly bursting with color.

From my beautiful and happy Mother's Day flowers, to...

...the beautiful trees and bushes at Mom and Dad's house in town!!  The bush in the last two pictures was just about ready to explode when they left, and now just look at it!  Loveliness. {sigh}

Ellie and I have enjoyed going into town for a walk in the avenues practically every day this week. It is so nice to be outdoors again.  For a San Diego girl who is used to being outside all year long, this has been quite the adjustment for me.  And believe me, I am still adjusting! Anyway, as I mentioned, we have been taking nice long walks in the sunshine...

Thank you so much for leaving the stroller here for us to use, Grandma!  (and for letting us use your house for napping, and use your toys for, well, playing! {smile} )

Well, I am off to make dinner for a dear husband who had to work late tonight.

Happy Friday to you!


Jodi said...


Ahhhhhh! I am satisfied! Little Ellie is adorable. Wow, the trees. Amazing what happens in a week. A lot! Thank you for letting me see!

I love you,

Ashley said...

yep..it was worth the wait...cute pictures sis! :)