Under My Shoes

Here's what the last few days have looked like.

October 17

I was walking around getting my 17th photos, when the leaves under my boots started begging for attention.  

October 22

We called this weather phenomenon "leaf fall."  The leaves were literally falling in a steady stream from the trees overhead.  It was after the first night of frosty temperatures and my conjecture is that it triggered something that finally caused all the leaves to be cut off from the branches nutrition.

See, it was like snowdrifts, only leaves instead!  These are my dirty work shoes; I was on my way to do some landscaping.

October 23

We were blown away.  This came out of the blue.  Last night, the storm began before bedtime and everyone who woke up in the middle of the night kept checking to see if it was still snowing or had melted away.  It stuck!

Cold feet . . . does that mean I have a warm heart?  Ha, my family would inform you otherwise . . .

Moving on,

I built my first snowman!  Half size, at least.  The snow was perfect for packing. Isn't he handsome?

Just getting you in the mood for Christmas, a few months early . . . that's not a problem, right?

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly"
Sing it with me now 
"Fa la la la la, la la, la la"



Anonymous said...

This Californian REALLY appreciates your lovely photographs! Next best thing to seeing it with my own eyes! love and hugs to you all, Mary

Rachel said...

Aw, thank you Mary. It is hard not to want to capture a small piece of the amazing beauty God displays up here. I think the only thing this part of Montana lacks are San Diego's amazing sunsets; so don't take those for granted!

Let us know when you are coming back up! (not if, when :)


Anonymous said...

Rachel, you just put a huge smile on my face...."not if, when"! Mary

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I would dearly love to use that last snowman picture with the homes in the background for our Christmas cards! You are so talented. I miss you!! Love, Mrs. L =)